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    Signal generator G6-28 (G6 28; G6-28; G 6 28, G-6-28)

    The signal generator G6-28 - a device that is a source of electrical signals in the range of infra-low, low and high frequencies. Generator G6-28 is the scheme of the function generator with electronic frequency control.

    Frequency - 1 MHz - 1 MHz.
    Output voltage - 500mkV - 5V (600 ohms, 50Om).
    Rising and falling square wave - 60ns.
    Harmonic Distortion - 1% - 3%.
    Power consumption - 60W.
    Dimensions - 490 × 135 × 370mm.
    Weight - 12.5 lbs.

    Signal generators G6-28 are used for the characterization of complex circuits and systems for the study of logic circuits with number sequences. Also generators G6-28 is used to simulate and create delays.

    Specifications G6-28

    G6-signal generator 28 has the presence of an external start mode and burst mode, in which the possible generation of radio and single oscillation.

    Generator G6-28 in the installation of frequency allows the following error:
    - In the range of 0.1 Hz - 100 kHz - ± 1%;
    - In the range of 0,001 Hz - 0.1 Hz, 100 kHz - 1 MHz - ± 2%.

    Signal generators G6-28 have the values ​​of the harmonic%
    - In the range 20Hz - 10kHz - 1%;
    - In the range of 10 kHz - 100 kHz - 1.5%;
    - In the range of more than 100 kHz - 3%.

    Generators G6-28 operate in the following modes:
    - External trigger;
    - Packs fluctuations;
    - A one-time manual start.

    Form output to G6-28 may be sinusoidal, triangular, sawtooth or rectangular pulse.
    The manufacturer guarantees that the signal generator G6-28 meets the technical requirements specifications subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: G6-28

G6-28 device image.
G6-28 device image.
G6-28 front view.
G6-28 front view.
G6-28 side view.
G6-28 side view.
G6-28 rear view.
G6-28 rear view.
G6-28 overhead view.
G6-28 overhead view.
G6-28 bottom view.
G6-28 bottom view.