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Radiometric devices >> generators (G2-, G3-, G4-, G5-, G6-, GK4-, GKCh, RG4-, Ya2R-, Ya5Kh-, Ya8Kh-, TR- and others) >> generators pulse (G5-)


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The pulse generator G5-91 (G591, G 5 91, G-5-91)
The pulse generator G5-91 is designed for testing digital communication systems, devices, computers and electronic equipment.
Instruments used for fault detection in digital data transmission systems, or other objects in the experimental work, tune up and repair products.
Technical characteristics of the instrument pulse generators G5-91:
Pulse mode - 2 MHz-150 MHz;
The output voltage pulse generator device G5-91 - 2.4 V to 0.24 V;
The pulse duration - T ≤ 1,5 ns;
Accuracy of pulse duration unit pulse generator G5-91 - 5%.