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The pulse generator G5-89 (G589, G 5 89, G-5-89)
The pulse generator G5-89 is designed to generate major pulses of rectangular and trapezoidal shape both polarities in the regimes of single and paired pulses.
The device has a mode of formation of pulse, and a single external trigger.
The pulse generator G5-89 is used for research, testing, configuration and maintenance of computer equipment and measuring equipment, communications equipment, various types of chips.
Built-in micro computer provides control over parameters by using the keypad manually and via the CPC in remote mode.The set values ​​of parameters and operating modes are displayed on a digital scoreboard.
Technical characteristics of the instrument pulse generators G5-89:
The repetition period:
- 20ns-999ms - single pulses;
- 50ns-999ms - paired pulses;
The pulse duration - 10 ns-499ms;
Rise time (cut) the main pulse - 5ns-999mks;
Time shift unit pulse generator G5-89:
- Main clock pulse with respect to - 5ns-499ms;
- The second pulse relative to the first pair - 20ns-499ms;
The base unit displacement pulse generator G5-89 - ± 20V;
Ejection at the top and in the pause between pulses (in the main band) - no more than 5%;
The uneven peaks and the baseline in the pause (in the main band) - less than 3%;
Power supply unit pulse generator G5-89 - 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz or 220 V ± 11 V, 400 (+28 / -12) Hz;
Power consumption - 200W · A
Dimensions - 327h177h340mm;
Weight of the device pulse generator G5-89 - 12kg.

Photos: G5-89

G5-89 generator image.
G5-89 generator image.
G5-89 front view.
G5-89 front view.
G5-89 side view.
G5-89 side view.
G5-89 rear view.
G5-89 rear view.
G5-89 overhead view.
G5-89 overhead view.
G5-89 bottom view.
G5-89 bottom view.