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The pulse generator G5-80 (G580, G5 80)

The pulse generator G5-80 is designed to form the outputs 16 channels of code sequences (words) variable structure.
Allows you to generate a variety of binary codes or function (in the parallel and serial code), test and screening tests, and clock signals on a multi-dimensional timeline.
The pulse generator G5-80 is used for the verification and control of multi IC, ICU, BIS, including microprocessors for configuration and control of multi digital and computing nodes, blocks and systems, and communication systems with pulse-code modulation pulse for synchronization of complex systems .
Is a 16-channel in-phase generator code sequences with integrated micro-computers "Electronics C5-12." The device is controlled pulse generator G5-80 from the front panel or via the CPC (operating in the AIS). Provides recording and preservation of the code information for 500 hours after a power outage.
Technical characteristics of the devices, the pulse generators G5-80:
Number of Channels - 4-16;
The maximum clock frequency of the device pulse generator G5-80 - 50MHz;
The number of bits codeword - 2048, 8192;
The format of the output pulses - return-to-zero (RZ) and non-return to zero (NRZ);
Output levels (50 Ohm) unit pulse generator G5-80 correspond to the levels of TTL and ECL;
Out of phase between channels - ≤ 2 ns;
External triggering pulse generator device G5-80:
- A pulse signal with a frequency of 1 kHz-50 MHz;
- External pulses with a repetition of each trigger pulse output code sequence from 1 to 16 times;
Power consumption of the unit pulse generator G5-80 - 520V ∙ A;
Power supply - 220 V, 50 Hz or 400 Hz;
Dimensions of the device pulse generator G5-80 - 480h320h550mm;
Weight - 32kg.

Photos: G5-80

G5-80 generator image.
G5-80 generator image.
G5-80 front view.
G5-80 front view.
G5-80 side view.
G5-80 side view.
G5-80 rear view.
G5-80 rear view.
G5-80 overhead view.
G5-80 overhead view.
G5-80 bottom view.
G5-80 bottom view.