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G5-79 Pulse generator G5-79.


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The pulse generator G5-79 (G579, G5 79)
The pulse generator G5-79 series is designed to form a square wave and linear-step signals of different shapes (sawtooth, triangle, trapezoid).
It is used for research, configure, and test systems and instruments used in electronics, communications, automation, computing and measurement technology.
There is a built-in single-chip micro-computer "Electronics C5-31", which manages the device and check the input parameters for correctness; automatically for a set of parameters through the CPC, automatic search of one of the parameters ("electronic vernier"), as well as the ability to record and store programs for 16 hours.
Technical characteristics of the devices, the pulse generators G5-79:
The repetition period:
- Series of rectangular pulses - 1mks-99 9c;
- Basic pulse in the series - 0.1 ms-9, 99s;
- Linear and step signals - 10mks-99 9c;
The pulse duration in the series - 50ns-0, 999s;
Duration linear-step signals the unit pulse generator G5-79 - 10mks-0, 999s;
The amplitude of the basic rectangular pulses in the series and linear-step signals - 1B-9, 9V (50 ohms), 10V-99v (1k);
Baseline shift pulse generator device G5-79 - 2B ... 2 V;
Time shift - 0s-0, 999s;
Rising and falling in a series of rectangular pulses - 10 ns (50 ohms), 100 ns (1k);
Emissions and irregularity of the pulse generator pulse device G5-79 - ≤ 5%;
Rising and falling linearly-step signals - 10mks-0, 999s;
Setting accuracy of the instrument parameters pulse generator G5-79:
- Time - 3%;
- Amplitude - 10%;
Synchronization pulses coincide with the clock pulse, the first pulse, or any series;
Power consumption of the unit pulse generator G5-79 - 120 VAC ∙ A;
Power supply - 220 V, 50 Hz or 400 Hz;
Dimensions of the device pulse generator G5-79 - 324h173h310mm;
Weight - 8kg.