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G5-62 G5-62  photo of the device.


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    The pulse generator G5-62 (G5 62, G562, G 5-62, G 5 62, G-5-62)

    Generator G5-62 - codewords pulse generator with a freely selectable structure at high clock frequencies.
    Codeword length - 32bit.
    The number of codewords in a package and pause between bursts - 1-99.
    Clock Frequency - 0.3 MHz - 120MHz.
    The pulse duration - 3 ns - 3000ns.
    The amplitude of the pulses (at resistance 50Om) - 1.5V - 5V.
    Dimensions - 486 × 175 × 57mm.
    Weight - 26kg.
    Generators G5-62 are used to measure static, dynamic and functional parameters of the pulse and microelectronic devices.

    Specifications G5-62

    The base offset for the generator G2-32 is ± 2V. Rise time slice is less than 2 nanoseconds.
    Generators G5-62 allow an accuracy of 10% of the core values ​​when setting the duration and frequency of the pulses. The error set the length of 0.1 m 3 ns.    
    The time shift unit for no more than 20 nanoseconds. When you install a temporary shift oscillator error F2-32 does not exceed 5%.