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The pulse generator G5-60 (G560, G5 60)
The pulse generator G5-60 is designed to control and testing of various electronic equipment.
Includes remote control of all parameters and mode switching.
The unit pulse generator G5-60 has two modes of obtaining precise time intervals. In mode 1, pulses are generated with precision the period of time and a shift in mode 2 - with precision and duration period.
Technical characteristics of the devices, the pulse generators G5-60:
The amplitude of the fundamental impulses - 0.001 V to 10 V (50 ohms);
Error in setting the amplitude of the pulse generator device G5-60 - 0,03 U +2 mV;
Pulse width:
- Mode 1 - 10ns-1c;
- Mode 2 - 0.1 ms-9999990mks (with internal start-up), 0.1 ms-999999mks (with external trigger);
Error in setting the duration of the pulse generator device G5-60:
- Mode 1 - 0,1 τ +3 ns;
- Mode 2 - 10 -6 τ +10 ns;
- Front - ≤ 10 ns;
- Cut - ≤ 10 ns;
Spike on top and in the pause, the uneven peaks and baseline in the pause between the pulses - ≤ 1%;
The repetition period of the pulse generator device G5-60:
- Single-pulse mode - 100ns-10s;
- Paired-pulse mode - 1mks10s;
Setting accuracy of the repetition period instrument pulse generator G5-60 - 10 -6 T;
The time shift (delay) of the basic clock pulse with respect to:
- For internal startup - 10 -6 D +3 ns;
- For external start - 10 -6 D +3 ns;
The time shift (delay) of the second pulse relative to the first pair:
- For internal startup - 0.1 ms-9999990mks;
- For external startup - 0.1 ms-999999mks;
Setting accuracy of time shifting device pulse generator G5-60 - June 10 D +10 ns;
Power supply pulse generator G5-60:
- AC 50Hz, 220V ± 22V;
- AC frequency 400 Hz, 220V ± 11V;
Power Consumption - 200V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 488h170h480mm;
Weight - 20kg.

Photos G5-60

G5-60 device image.
G5-60 device image.
G5-60 front view.
G5-60 front view.
G5-60 side view.
G5-60 side view.
G5-60 rear view.
G5-60 rear view.
G5-60 overhead view.
G5-60 overhead view.
G5-60 bottom view.
G5-60 bottom view.

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