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    The pulse generator G5-15 (G-5-15, G 5 15, G 5-15; G5 15)

    Product G5-15 - compact pulse generator designed to test wireless devices.
    The range of the output pulses - both polarities, fixed duration of 0.1 ms to 10mks.
    Pulse repetition rate - from 40 Hz to 10000 Hz.
    Supply voltage, frequency - 50 Hz 220V, 115V, 400Hz.
    Power Consumption - 200W.
    Overall dimensions - 405 × 315 × 215mm.
    Weight - 12.5 lbs.
    The pulse generator G5-15 is widely used in laboratory and field conditions.

    Design G5-15

    Structurally pulse generator G5-15 is in the form of two chassis frame mounted on vertical tool. The lower vertical portion of the bottom chassis and the device is installed:
    - The power transformer;
    - Rectifiers;
    - In the choke filter 300;
    - Purifying capacitors;
    - Stabilization +150 volts and 150 B (Lee, A12);    
    - Trimmers resistance R12, R14, R 121, R147;
    - Splitter-150V;
    - Transition and decoupling capacitors output stage.
    The front wall of the unit generator G5-15 has a delay line and all control device. Electronic circuit elements forming the delay circuit and the pulse located in the upper part of the frame unit. The upper vertical chassis G5-15 for easy access to the mounting holds leaning back.

    Specifications G5-15

    Generator G5-15dopuskaet error of fixed pulse width, which does not exceed ± (10% + 0.03 ms) of the set value.     D l light sensitivity does not exceed the edge of the pulses (0.5 ms 0.075%) of setting the pulse width.
    The fall time pulse generator G5-15 does not exceed (0.15 ms + 0.5%) of setting the pulse duration. Lowering the flat top of the pulse of a 2MK / s shall not exceed 5% of the pulse amplitude. Emissions from the top and after the pulse should not exceed 7.5% of the amplitude of the pulse.
    The amplitude of the output pulses G5-15 is not less than 100 V (at nominal line voltage) across the load 1000Om ± 5% | and capacitance 50pF ± 5% (including cable capacitance) and is adjustable from 10V to a maximum value.
    The pulse generator G5-15 allows the error of the amplitude of the pulse duration of 0.3 ms to 10mks no more than ± (10% + 1 B) of the set value in the range from 10V to 100V.

    The pulse generator G5-15 to achieve low output voltage attenuator has four stages of division: (1: 10), (1: 100), (1: 1000) to, (1: 10,000) with an accuracy of ± 10% (DC) on the external load 1000Om ± 5%.
    Pulse generator G5-15 has a separate output clock pulses to trigger external devices and blocks. The synchronization pulses are issued both polarities, with duration of 0.4 ms-1, 2mks, with the front of no more than 0.15 ms and an amplitude of at least 30V at load 1000Om ± 5% and capacitance 50pF ± 5% (including cable capacitance.) The pulses serve to trigger external devices are synchronized with the main output pulses.

    Pulse generator G5-15 output pulses are delayed with respect to the timing pulses from time 0 to 1000mks.
    When the external and internal trigger F5-15 error of the delay in the range from 0 to 2mks not exceed ± (10% 0.1 ms) of the set value, and in the range of from 2mks 1000mks not to exceed ± (10% 0.3 ms) of the set value. The initial delay sync pulse relative to the external trigger pulse is less than 0.4 microseconds.
    G5-15 generator can be started from an external source of either polarity pulses with duration from 0.5 ms to 10mks with a rise time of less than 0.1 microseconds and amplitude of 10V to 50V, pulse repetition rate from single pulses to 10000 Hz and from the button "one-time start-up." It can also run (synchronized) as a sinusoidal voltage with frequency from 50 Hz to 10000 Hz and a voltage of 20 V rms. up to 50 V rms.
    Generators G5-15 have a MTBF of at least 2500 hours and works well when the supply voltage to +5% and -10% for a network of 127V and 220V, and ± 5% for 115 V network.

    Operating conditions G5-15
    According to climatic and mechanical requirements related to the product group IV GOST 9763-67. Generator G5-15 are designed to operate under the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature from -30 ° C to +50 ° C;
    - And the relative humidity (temperature +25 ° C) - 95%.

Photos: G5-15

G5-15 device image.
G5-15 device image.
G5-15 device image.
G5-15 device image.
G5-15 front view.
G5-15 front view.
G5-15 front view.
G5-15 front view.
G5-15 side view.
G5-15 side view.
G5-15 rear view.
G5-15 rear view.
G5-15 overhead view.
G5-15 overhead view.
G5-15 bottom view.
G5-15 bottom view.