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High-frequency generator G4-81 (G481, G4 81)

High-frequency generator G4-81 is designed to control, inspection and investigation of the parameters of radio and antenna-feeder devices.
When using the internal display unit can control power RF power oscillations in the range 10 -4 W-1, 5 ∙ 10 -3 Watt.
The presence of internal modulation of the "meander" enhances the sensitivity of the measurements in the path.
Provided for in the instrument signal generator is a high-G4-81 mode outside of MI allows it to check and adjust the pulse of microwave receivers and different pulse microwave devices.
In FM mode, the function generator may sweep (with small outside swing).
Technical characteristics of the instrument signal generators, high-G4-81:
Frequency - 4 GHz to 5 6GHz;
Error of frequency - ± 0,5%;
Frequency instability of the device high-frequency signal generator G4-81 for 15 minutes of work - 1 ∙ 10 -4 ƒ;
Power output:
- Gauging - 10 - 3 W-10 -15 W;
- Non-calibrated - 3 ∙ 10 -3 W-3 ∙ 10 -8 W;
The error reference level output device high frequency signal generator G4-81 10 -4 W - ≤ 0,8 dB;
The instability of the output power for 15 minutes of work - 0.1 dB;
Mode outside of MI:
- Repetition - 0.01 kHz, 20 kHz;
- Amplitude - 20V-40V;
- Duration - 0.3 ms-200mks;
- Rise and Fall - 0.25 ms;
- The duration of the cut - 0.5 ms;
Consumed by the device signal generator G4-81 high capacity - 1 50 B ∙ A;
Dimensions - 480h120h477mm;
Weight - 20kg.

Photos: G4-81

G4-81 generator image.
G4-81 generator image.
G4-81 front view with the opened lid.
G4-81 front view with the opened lid.
G4-81 front view with the closed lid.
G4-81 front view with the closed lid.
G4-81 side view.
G4-81 side view.
G4-81 rear view.
G4-81 rear view.
G4-81 overhead view.
G4-81 overhead view.
G4-81 bottom view.
G4-81 bottom view.