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    Standard signal generator G4-18A (18A-D 4, D-4-18A; g4-18A; g 4-18A; g-4-18A).
    Generator G4-18A - a device used to configure and test electronic equipment.

    The main technical data of the instrument G4-18A:
    - Frequency range of the generator, from 100 kHz to 35 MHz;
    - Modes of operation: continuous generation, internal amplitude modulation of a sinusoidal voltage with frequencies of 400 Hz and 1000 Hz, the external amplitude modulation of a sinusoidal voltage with a frequency of 50Hz to 15kHz.

    Main technical characteristics
    Generators G4-18A have a range of 35 Hz to 100 kHz, which is covered by six sub-bands with the following boundary frequencies:
    1st 0.1-0.3 MHz;
    2nd 0.3-1 MHz;
    3rd 1 - 3 MHz;
    4th 3-10 MHz;
    5 minutes at 10-20 MHz;
    6th 20-35 MHz.
    Cruising on the edges of the range, and the overlap between the sub-bands is not less than 2%.
    Error of frequency generator G4-18A is no more than ± 1%. The change in frequency due to the change attenuator (attenuator reaction) does not exceed ± 0,01% at frequencies of 30 MHz and ≤ ± 0,03% at frequencies ≥ 30 MHz. Short-term frequency stability, characterized by varying the frequency for 10 minutes after pre-G4 samoprogreva generator 18A for one hour does not exceed 0,02% ± 50Hz. The above change of frequency is guaranteed after the additional 10-minute warm-up after switching to the broken floor above range. Spurious frequency deviation in the continuous generation should not exceed 300 Hz.
    Generator G4-18A provides a calibrated voltage from 0.1 V to 1mkV at the end of the cable to the load impedance 75 ohms. Additional cable end divider provides division output voltage of 10 (0.1 mV).
    Generators G4-18A are uncalibrated output from 0.1 to 1V to the output resistance of about 100 ohms. Tolerance reference voltage 0.1 V in the frequency range 0.1 to 30 MHz not more than ± 5% from 10% to 6% in the frequency range 35 MHz-30.
    Setting error attenuator and external divider in the operating frequency range of ± 8% for up to 40 dB attenuation and ± 12,5% at 40 dB attenuation over.
    Changing the reference output value for 10 minutes after samoprogreva T4-18A in 1 hour no more than ± 2% in the frequency range 0.1 to 30 MHz and ± 3,5% 30 to 35 MHz frequency.
    Additional influence the voltage output of the generator G4-18A at small values ​​due to the residual signal is not more than 0.05 mV.
    The output resistance of the device generator G4-18A:
    - When the robot g external divider in position "1" 34Om ± 2,6% at zero attenuation Decadal attenuator, 37.5 ohms ± 2% at easing Decadal attenuator 20, 40, 60, 80dB;
    The coefficient of the modulation depth as in internal, external modulation in n is governed by external divider:
    - From 10 to 95% at modulation frequencies from 50Hz to 10kHz;
    - From 10 to 50% at modulation frequencies from .10 to 15 kHz.
    The basic error of measurement of the depth of modulation for internal modulation no more than 0,05 m +4% modulation depth at a rate of 10 to 80%. Additional frequency error rate of the modulation depth of 15%, taking into account the frequency chart progress
    The amplitude of any harmonics of the carrier frequency does not exceed 3% of the amplitude of the first harmonic.
    Total harmonic distortion of the envelope modulated output should not exceed 4% at a modulation depth m = 30% n 5% modulation depth to S0% for modulation frequencies from 50Hz to 10kHz and a modulation depth of up to 50% for modulation frequencies from 10 to 15kHz. Total harmonic distortion of the modulation envelope modulation at frequencies of 50 to 100Hz is allowed up to 8%. The value of the parasitic frequency deviation in amplitude modulation at a rate of modulation depth of up to 30% should not exceed 2 × 10-5f +250 Hz.
    Shielding G4-18A provides the opportunity to work with a minimum of 0.1 mV signal. The device is powered from the AC mains frequency of 50 Hz, 220. Time samoprogreva generator G4-18A 30 minutes.
    Storage G4-18A
    The devices must be stable to storage under the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature of 10-35 ° C;
    - Relative humidity - up to 80% (at 20 C);
    - The room is free of dust, fumes, acids, alkalis and corrosive gases.
    Generators G4-18A arriving at the warehouse of the consumer and are designed to operate earlier than six months from the date of receipt may be stored in compressed form.
    Devices that arrived for long-term storage (more than six months) are exempt from a shipping container, under the conditions specified above, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of delivery.

Photos: G4-18A

G4-18A device image.
G4-18A device image.
G4-18A front view.
G4-18A front view.
G4-18A side view.
G4-18A side view.
G4-18A rear view.
G4-18A rear view.
G4-18A overhead view.
G4-18A overhead view.
G4-18A bottom view.
G4-18A bottom view.