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High-frequency signal generator G4-129 (G4129, G4 129)
High-frequency signal generator G4-129 is designed for setting, adjustment and testing of various wireless devices UHF.
- Mode of unmodulated oscillations;
- Mode of amplitude modulation of the internal sinusoidal signal (only a G4-128);
- Mode of amplitude modulation of the external sinusoidal signal (only a G4-128);
- Mode of the internal frequency modulation sinusoidal signal;
- External mode frequency modulation sinusoidal signal;
- Mode of internal modulation meander 1kHz;
- Mode of external pulse modulation;
- Synchronizing the oscillator frequency is an external synchronizer mode unmodulated oscillation.
Operation is a high frequency signal generator G4-129 is based on the principle of forming the output signal in the frequency range up to 310MGts 1200MGts signal from the master oscillator in the range from 600MHz to 1200MGts.The output signal of the master oscillator is fed to two channels: the channel forming the output signal generator and a channel built-in electronic display frequency.
All types of modulation (FM, MI) implemented in the signal generator G4-129. The amplifier output power is provided by non-calibrated at least 0, 5 W in CW mode, FM, and IM.
Adjusting the output signal generator G4-128 by adjusting the output power signal generator G4-129.
Technical characteristics of the devices high-frequency signal generator G4-129:
Frequency band
Limit of the basic error of the frequency setting device signal generator G4-129 high-frequency, where f - frequency set value
no more than ± (0,05 +1 / f)%
The highest level of power output at matched load VSWR c, no more than 1.35 in the mode of oscillation of unmodulated
0.5 W-1, 3W
0.1 MW-10 MW
Range: output relative to the maximum of its value
not less than 30 dB
The instability of the output power level in the mode of unmodulated oscillations under constant external conditions and a constant voltage for any arbitrarily chosen 15-minute interval after the operation mode
no more than ± 0,3 dB
no more than ± 0,05 dB
Mode of frequency modulation signal generator unit high-G4-129
Internal signal frequency modulator with an internal frequency modulation of a sinusoidal signal and the internal pulse modulation meander
Limits set the frequency deviation
The nominal value of the scales measuring indicator
50kHz, 100kHz, 200kHz, 500kHz
The main error of the frequency deviation of the reference device at the modulation frequency 1000 Hz, the nominal value of the reference scale
no more than ± 15%
Accuracy of frequency deviation in the range of modulating frequencies, the nominal value of the reference scale
no more than ± 20%
Frequency range with external modulation signal frequency sinusoidal modulation
Mode of amplitude modulation signal generator unit high-G4-129
Generator output power into 50 ohms, install handles attenuation 30dB position
not less than 10 -4 Tues
Frequency range with external modulating signal amplitude sinusoidal modulation
Modulating smooth installation of external modulometru
External pulse modulation mode (with output power up to 0.5W)
Pulse duration
0.5 ms-500mks
Pulse repetition frequency
Duty cycle
at least 2
Parameters supply device unit high-frequency signal generator G4-129
AC voltage / frequency
220 ± 22V/50Gts ± 0,5 Hz
220 ± 11V/388Gts-428Gts
Harmonic content
Up to 5**
Time of continuous operation
at least 16 hours
Consumed power
not more than 125V ∙ A
no more than 85V ∙ A
MTBF device high-frequency signal generator G4-129
at least 5,000 hours
Overall dimensions
Signal Generator
335 × 175 × 367mm
Power amplifier
175 × 175 × 375mm
Weight of the device high-frequency signal generator G4-129
Signal Generator
not more than 14.5 kg
Power amplifier
no more than 7kg

Photos: G4-129

G4-129 device image.
G4-129 device image.
G4-129 front view.
G4-129 front view.
G4-129 side view.
G4-129 side view.
G4-129 rear view.
G4-129 rear view.
G4-129 overhead view.
G4-129 overhead view.
G4-129 bottom view.
G4-129 bottom view.