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High-frequency signal generator G4-124

Also, this device can be called: G4 124, G4124, G-4124, G 4124.

G4-124 signal generator is designed for high power RF energy measuring lines, directional couplers, high bridges, antennas, and to configure and test the resonant frequency gauges, filters, input circuits, etc.

G4-124 generators are in the form of portable devices, and may be used in a laboratory, factory or in the field.

Specifications G4-124:

Frequency range - from 4500 MHz to 7500 MHz.

Error of frequency generator at rated power at one of the exits and extracted scraper choice - no more than ±1,0%.

Short-term frequency instability of the generator after a half-hour samoprogreva when operating in continuous generation and constant external conditions for the next 10 minutes - no more than ±0,015%.

Output power level of the generator to the external load 50 Ohm VSWR less than 1,5:

- In the range from 4500 MHz to 7300 MHz - at least 15 mW;

- In the range from 7300 MHz to 7500 MHz - not less than 5 mW.

G4-124 generator has two identical output RF energy, while using the output of which may be less than indicated.

Limits of output power of the generator relative to the maximum - not less than ±30 dB.

Short-term instability of the power output of a half-hour after samoprogreva cw lasing over the next 10 minutes - no more than ±0,15 dB.

Signal generator G4-124 provides the following types of work:

- Continuous generation;

- Internal modulation meander 1000 Hz ±10% (asymmetry meander no more than 10%).

- External modulation of rectangular pulses of positive and negative polarity.

Pulse duration - from 1 ms to 20 ms.

Frequency of sending pulses - from 100 Hz to 10,000 Hz.

Amplitude modulating pulses - from 35 V to 80 V.

Form output high-frequency pulses:

- Front - no more than 0,3 ms;

- Recession - not more than 0,5 ms;

- Uneven pulse peak - not more than 10%;

- Instability of the pulse rise and fall times (floating) - not more than 0,5 ms.

The pulse duration of 1 ms to 3 ms can not be guaranteed.

Modulating pulse parameters:

- Front - no more than 0,2 ms;

- Recession - not more than 0,3 ms;

- Uneven pulse peak - not more than 10%.

In the generator produces a square wave clock pulses of both polarities amplitude not less than 5 V.

The magnitude of deviation of the frequency modulation at the outer - not less than 7 MHz.

Frequency modulating voltage - from 100 Hz to 4000 Hz.

Spurious frequency deviation in the continuous generation - not more than 7,10-5 from the carrier frequency.

Warm-up time with the external temperature is below 0° C - at least 1 hour.

Power consumption - no more than 150 V·A.

Continuous operation time - 8 hours.

MTBF - not less than 1100 hours.

Dimensions generator - 390×300×280 mm.

Weight G4-124 - not more than 18 kg.

The design of the generators put polublochnaya system provides easy access to all elements with a large duty cycle generator. For this unit the contour of the front panel hingedly connected to the RF chassis, where the modulator and power generator. Jumper harness between the blocks is not affected by tilting the front panel. Control of the generator G4-124 from the front panel, which contains all the controls.

Operating conditions G4-124:


- Ambient temperature - +20±5° C;

- Relative humidity - 65±15%;

- Atmospheric pressure - 750±30 mm hg. art. (100000±4000 N/m2);

- Supply voltage of 50 Hz - 220 V±2%.


- Ambient temperature of -30° C to +50° C;

- Relative humidity at + 25° C - 95%;

- Mains frequency - 50 Hz ±1%; from 388 Hz to 428 Hz;

- Mains voltage - from 198 to 242; from 109 V to 121 V.

Harmonic content - up to 5%.

Photos: G4-124

G4-124 device image.
G4-124 device image.
G4-124 front view.
G4-124 front view.
G4-124 side view.
G4-124 side view.
G4-124 rear view.
G4-124 rear view.
G4-124 overhead view.
G4-124 overhead view.
G4-124 bottom view.
G4-124 bottom view.