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G4-123 High-frequency generator G4-123.


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High-frequency signal generator G4-123 (G4123, G 4123, G-4-123, G4 123)
High-frequency signal generator G4-123 is designed to configure, control testing of various wireless devices centimeter wavelength range.
The generator can be used as a source of unsized in terms of high-frequency signal to power the test lines, directional couplers, high bridges, antennas, filters, receiver input circuits, etc. Generator G4-123 is designed for use in laboratory, factory and field conditions.
Special features high-frequency signal generator G4-123:
- Two identical outputs RF energy;
- Ability to use both outputs;
- FM modulation, MI.
Technical characteristics of the instrument high-frequency signal generator G4-123:
The range of frequencies - from 3000MHz to 4500MGts;
The basic error of frequency - no more than ± 1,25%;
Output power level for 50 Ohm load:
- 40 mW - in the range of 3000MHz-3400MGts;
- 15mVt - ranging 3400MGts-4500MGts;
Smooth change of power output device signal generator G4-123 high-frequency 50 Ohm - at least 30 dB;
Parameters of the RF pulse output with external modulation
- Rise time - 0.3 ms;
- The duration of the cut - 0.5 ms;
- Irregularity of the pulse - 10%;
- Deviation of the output pulse duration of the pulse duration modulation - no more than ± 0,5 ms;
- Instability of the rise and fall - 0.5 ms;
Pulse repetition frequency of high-unit high-frequency signal generator G4-123 with an internal modulation of the meander - 1000 Hz ± 100 Hz;
Asymmetry - 10%;
Output impedance - 50 ohms;
The power consumed by the device high-frequency signal generator G4-123 from the network - no more than 150V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 390h300h280mm;
Weight - not more than 18kg;
Normal operating conditions the device high-frequency signal generator G4-123:
- Ambient temperature - 20 º C ± 5 º C;
- Relative humidity at 20 º C ± 5 º C - 65% ± 15%;
- Atmospheric pressure - 100kPa ± 4kPa;
- Voltage supply network - 200V, 50Hz;
Operating conditions instrument High-frequency signal generator G4-123:
- Ambient temperature - from -30 º C to +50 º C;
- Relative humidity at 25 º C - up to 95%;
power supply
- 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 2Hz;
- 115V ± 5,75 V, 220 V ± 11 V, 400 (+28 / -12) Hz;
- The harmonic content - up to 5%;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument high-frequency signal generator G4-123 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documents.