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High-frequency generator G4-111B (G4111B, G4 111 B, G4-111-B, G4-111 B)

High-frequency generator G4-111B is a source of microwave oscillations with non-calibrated in power outputs. Provide calibration of power meters, measurement of losses, attenuation, SWR, impedance, etc.
May be used as simulators interference or main signal transmitters, as well as for measurement of antennas and antenna paths. The device high-frequency signal generator G4-111B will be used for testing semiconductor devices such as mixing and multiplier diodes, varactors, etc.
Technical characteristics of the instrument high-frequency generator G4-111B:
Frequency - 9GGts-12 7GGts;
Error of frequency - less than ± 0,5%;
Frequency instability of the device high-frequency signal generator G4-111B for 15 minutes - not more e 1 ∙ 10 -4;
Spurious frequency deviation - 1 ∙ 10 -5 ƒ (50Hz-20kHz);
The output power of the device high-frequency signal generator G4-111B - 40 mW (6GHz-8 9GGts), 20 mW (8.9 GHz-12 05GGts) 8mVt (12.05 GHz-16 6GHz) 4mW (16.6 GHz to 17 44GGts ), 2mW (17.44 GHz to 17 85GGts);
The weakening of the power output - 0dB-30dB;
The instability of the output power high-frequency signal generator unit G4-111B for 15 minutes of work - 0.1 dB;
Output Power for connecting ESCH (50 ohm coax 7/3mm) - 300mw (6GHz-9GGts) 500mkVt (9GGts-12 7GGts);
Mode outside of MI:
- Repetition - 0.05 kHz to 10 kHz;
- Amplitude - 9V-12V;
- Pulse width - 0.5 ms-50mks;
- Rising and falling - 0.2 ms and 0.3 ms, respectively;
The frequency of repetition of the "meander":
- 1 kHz ± 10% - if the internal modulation;
- 0.4 kHz, 2 kHz - with external modulation;
The band electronic tuning device high frequency signal generator G4-111B - 3 MHz;
Power supply is a high-frequency signal generator G4-111B:
- 220V, 50Hz;
- 115 VAC, 400 Hz;
Power Consumption - 140V ∙ A;
Dimensions of the generator - 490h175h355mm;
Weight of generator G4-111B - 18kg.

Photos: G4-111B

G4-111B generator image.
G4-111B generator image.
G4-111B front view.
G4-111B front view.
G4-111B side view.
G4-111B side view.
G4-111B rear view.
G4-111B rear view.
G4-111B overhead view.
G4-111B overhead view.
G4-111B bottom view.
G4-111B bottom view.