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    Motor G32UKhL4 (G32UKhL4; G32UKhL4; G3 2UKhL4; G3-2UKhL4)

    G32UKhL4 motor - synchronous three-phase hysteretic electric vehicle designed for the assembly of products as built in drive mechanism with a strictly constant speed.
    Rated voltage - 40V.
    Rated frequency - 500Hz.
    Rated shaft power - 16W.
    Rated torque - 2.06 N'm.
    Rotational speed - 7500ob/min.
    Operation mode is continuous.
    The coefficient of productive activity - 37%.
    Weight - 0.63 kg (version I); 0,59 kg (version II).
    Symbol structure G32UKhL4:

    - G - hysteresis;
    - 3 - engine size;
    - 2 - number of development;
    - NF4 - climatic version and category according to GOST 15150-69 and GOST 15543.1-89.

    Design and operation G32UKhL4

    G32UKhL4 motor is a synchronous machine, which is located on the stator three-phase winding. When the motor winding connection to the network occurs machine air gap rotating magnetic field that switches magnetic active part of the rotor stationary. Due to the phenomenon of magnetic lag (hysteresis) occurs electromagnetic torque, which carries the rotor in the direction of rotation of the field.
    In a thin-walled steel casing engines G32UKhL4 seamed two steel shield, which is set between the stator. The stator pack is dialed from electrical steel sheets. The stator part is closed slots in which winding is stacked. The output ends of the coil are soldered to the connection terminals.
    G32UKhL4 rotor is pressed onto the shaft with his non-magnetic sleeve, which recruited a pack of hard magnetic alloy rings. It is dynamically balanced with press-fitted to the shaft of the two balancing rings; rotates in bearings.
    Motor G32UKhL4 both sides closed flanges with ring labyrinth grooves filled with lubricant. G32UKhL4 engines manufactured in the versions I and II. Overall and mounting dimensions of the motors are shown in Fig. 1 and 2.
G32UKhL4 motor overall and mounting dimensions.

    Figure 1. G32UKhL4 drawing Overall, mounting and connecting dimensions of the engine (version I).
G32UKhL4 motor overall and mounting dimensions

    Fig.2. G32UKhL4 drawing Overall, mounting and connecting dimensions of the engine (version II).
    Specifications G32UKhL4

    Engines G32UKhL4 have clockwise rotation with the alternation of the output ends: C1-C2-C3. Enforcement mechanisms - by mounting IM4481 to GOST 2479-79, any position in space. Degree of protection IP00 according to GOST 17494-87.
    Power consumption of the motor:
    - With nominal torque - less than 2.5W;
    - Idling - 2.5 W;
    - Locked rotor - 3W.

    Maximum deviations of voltage and frequency at nominal torque are respectively ± 10% and ± 2%. In this multiplicity moments are:
    - Initial start-up - 1.0;
    - Entry into synchronism - 1.2;
    - Maximum - 1.3.

    G32UKhL4 insulation resistance of the windings on the hull is not less than:
    - 100MOm - a little cold;
    - 10MOm - at a steady operating temperature;
    - 2 MW - in conditions of high humidity.

    Winding insulation G32UKhL4 respect to the housing can withstand without breakdown and overlap within 1 minute of the test is practically sinusoidal voltage with frequency of 50 Hz:
    - 600V - under normal climatic conditions and the test for heating;
    - 500V - the test for the impact of high humidity.
    G32UKhL4 able to withstand the following loads:
    - Sinusoidal vibration in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 200 Hz with a maximum acceleration of 49.1 m / s 2.
    - Impacts with maximum acceleration of 39.2 m / s 2;
    - Linear (centrifugal) acceleration up to 98.1 m / s 2.

    Engines G32UKhL4 withstand without damage a short circuit mode. for 5 seconds at rated voltage.
    Rms value of the vibration motor G32UKhL4 - 1.8 mm / s. The average sound level at a distance of 1m from the external circuit of the engine 50 dB.
    For G32UKhL4 installed trouble-free working hours - 1000 hours. The warranty period G32UHL4 is 3 years from the date of entry into operation of the engine at operating time of no more than 2000 hours, but not more than 3.5 years from the date of manufacture of engines.

    Operating conditions G32UKhL4

    G32UKhL4 engines intended for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature during operation of the engine - from -60 ° C to +50 ° C;
    - Relative humidity of 98% at temperatures up to 25 ° C without condensation;
    - Low atmospheric pressure up to 2000 Pa at ambient temperatures up to minus 60 ° C.

Photos: G32UKhL4

G32UKhL4 device image.
G32UKhL4 device image.