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    Generator sonic and ultrasonic frequencies G3-48 (G3 48 ; g3-48; g3 48)

    Generator sonic and ultrasonic frequencies G3-48 - the source of sinusoidal signals, intended to control the parameters of radio components, to work as a source of voltage and power control schemes in various radio systems, for adjustment and testing of radio equipment in laboratories and workshop environment, in terms of repair shops and mobile laboratories.
    Technical features of the device G3-48:
    - Frequency response: 10Hz to 200kHz;
    - Two outputs (50Om/600Om);
    - Scoring system stabilization of the output voltage;
    - High precision frequency setting (1%);
    - Low harmonic distortion (0.0015%);
    - Two outputs (50Om/600Om).
    Generators sonic and ultrasonic frequencies G3-48 are produced in a box the size of 312h133h322 mm and a mass of no more than 7.5 kg.
    Technical characteristics of the device G3-48:
    - Operating Temperature Range: +5-40 ° C;
    - Powered by 50Hz: 220V ± 10% or 50V 400Hz;
    - Power consumption of 35W.
    The range of frequencies of the device is covered by four sub-bands. The basic error of the frequency does not exceed ± (0,03 F +2) Hz. Margin at the edges of the range and the overlap between adjacent subbands should not be. Less than 6% relative to the value of the boundary frequency subbands.
    The temperature coefficient of frequency generator G3-48 in the operating temperature range does not exceed 0.1% per 1 ° C. The change in frequency of 1 hour post a regime should not exceed ± 1,0%.
    B generator G3-48 provides continuous adjustment of output voltage in the range of 2 to 8.65 in at a frequency of 1000 Hz. At the output of the generator has a step attenuator, designed for 50 ohm resistive load and providing an overall weakening of the 80D6 steps through 10dB. Accuracy of division attenuator 50Om active load shall not exceed:
    - ± 0,5 D6 pas steps up to 70dB, inclusive;
    - ± 0,8 dB to 80dB steps.
    Basic reduced error indicator output voltage must be less than ± 4,0%. Harmonic Distortion G3-48 must not exceed:
    - 1.0% in the frequency range exceeding 50 to 20,000;
    - 2,0% in the range from 20 to 50Hz - to more than 20 to 200kHz.
    Power output of the G3-48 to the load 50 Hz frequency of 1000 Hz and n must be less than 1.5 watts. In the frequency range of 20Hz - 200kHz output power depends on the frequency response. Generator output power at a frequency of 100 kHz to load 50Om must be at least 0.63Vt (voltage 5.6 V).
    The dependence of the output voltage of the frequency should be no more than ± 8,0%. The output voltage for 1 hour after the establishment of regimes should be no more than ± 4%. Generator G3-48 allows continuous operation for 8 hours (including time samoprogreva). The generator provides normal operation after 15 minutes of operation.
    MTBF of the device must be not less than 1000 hours.
    Operating conditions G3-48
    Operating conditions for the generators G3-48 served in Table 1.
    Table 1.
Name of the influencing factors
The value of the influencing factors
Ambient temperature
+10-35 ° C
Atmospheric pressure
750 ± 30 mmHg
Relative humidity
80% at 20 ° C
Storage devices G3-48
    The devices must be stable to storage under the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature of 10-35 ° C;
    - Relative humidity - up to 80% (at 20 C);
    - The room is free of dust, fumes, acids, alkalis and corrosive gases.
    Devices G3-48, arriving at the warehouse of the consumer and are designed to operate earlier than six months from the date of receipt may be stored in compressed form.
    Devices that arrived for long-term storage (more than six months) are exempt from a shipping container, under the conditions specified above, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of delivery.