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Low-frequency signal generator G3-118 (G3118, G3 118)
Low-frequency signal generator G3-118 RC-type low-frequency discrete-frequency unit within each of the five subbands. It is possible to continuously adjust the frequency within the discretion LSB.
Block diagram of the signal generator provides precise forms the entire frequency range. The generator has an effective system of stabilization of the output voltage, which is regulated in a wide range of discrete and smoothly.
The instrument low-frequency signal generator G3-118 is a passive low-frequency notch filter into a number of discrete frequencies, which provides for the use of 114 series spectrum analyzer measurement of ultra low harmonic coefficients.
Basic data
Frequency response 10Hz-200kHz
Setting the frequency is discretely on the five sub-bands: 10Hz-100Hz (over 0.1 Hz) 100Hz-1000Hz (via 1Hz), 10000 Hz, 1000 Hz (in 10 Hz); 10000Gts-100000Gts (via 100Hz) 100000Gts-200000Gts (through 100 Hz).
Error of frequency device G3-118: ± (1 +50 / f)% (10Hz-20kHz); ± 1,5% (20kHz-200kHz).
Frequency stability 10 ∙ 10 -4 f (15 min), 50 ∙ 10 -4 f (3 h).
Output voltage: 10V/600 ohms (output I), 5V/600 ohms (output II).
Tolerance attenuator (0-60 dB) ± 0,5 dB.
Error of external divider (-40 dB) ± 0,5 dB.
Line Regulation 3 hours 4%.
Harmonic ratio,%: 0.05 (10Hz-20Hz and 100kHz-200kHz), 0.01 (20Hz-100Hz), 0.005 (100Hz-200Hz and 10kHz-20kHz), 0.002 (200Hz-10kHz), 0.02 (20kHz -100kHz)
Notch: 0.02 kHz, 0.06 kHz, 0.12 kHz, 0.2 kHz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 10 kHz, 20 kHz, 100 kHz, 200 kHz.
Power consumption of the device generator G3-118 - 50 VA.
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz and 400Hz.
Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg:
generator 312X133X322; 8
Filter 140X244X127; 2,5.

Photos G3-118

G3-118 device image.
G3-118 device image.
G3-118 delivery set.
G3-118 delivery set.
G3-118, Notch Filter accessories and spare parts.
G3-118, Notch Filter  accessories and spare parts.
G3-118 front view.
G3-118 front view.
G3-118 side view.
G3-118 side view.
G3-118 rear view.
G3-118 rear view.
G3-118 overhead view.
G3-118 overhead view.
G3-118 bottom view.
G3-118 bottom view.

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