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    Measuring Kit FSM-6, 5 (FSM6, 5; FSM 6,5; FSM-6.5; FSM6.5; FSM 6.5)

    Measuring Kit FSM-6, 5 - set of products and equipment designed to measure the voltage field interference.
    Frequency range - 0.1 MHz - 30MHz.
    Measuring the - voltage.
    The complete FSM-6, 5 are:
    - Selective microvoltmeter type SMV 6.5;
    - Dipoles to measure the field strength of type DP-1 and DP-3;
    - Log-periodic antenna type LPA1;
    - Supporting structure antenna type ATR2;
    - Equivalent networks such as NNB 103 which provides a measurement of radio interference voltage in the frequency range from 0.1 MHz to 30MHz.
    Kit FSM-6, 5 makes measurements of tension between 1mkV / m to 1V / m This FSM-6, 5 admits the error of measurement, the value of which is equal to 1 dB.

Photos: FSM-6,5

SMV 6.5 microvoltmeter image.
SMV 6.5 microvoltmeter image.
DP-1 dipole image.
DP-1 dipole image.
NNB 103 equivalent network image.
NNB 103 equivalent network image.

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