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FM-100-22U3 Capacitor filtered FM-100-22U3.


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Capacitor filter FM-100-22U3 (FM10022U3, FM 100 22 U3, FM-100-22-U3, FM-10022U3, FM 10022U3, FM100-22U3, FM100 22U3, FM10022-U3, FM10022 U3, FM-100-22U3)
Capacitor filter FM-100-22U3 is designed to work as a filter element of semiconductor converters of electric rolling stock subway, for use in high frequency circuits filters traction substations for use in pulsed thyristor converters, dc filters and high-voltage rectifying devices for use in the multiplication circuit voltage.
Technical characteristics of the devices capacitors Filter FM-100-22U3:
Rated voltage - 100kV;
The frequency of the AC filter capacitor device FM-100-22U3 - 0.05 kHz;
Nominal capacity - .022 uF;
Dimensions of the unit capacitor filter FM-100-22U3 - 160h160h358mm;
Weight - 13kg.