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    Measuring transducer FE1883-AD
    Also, this device can be called: FE1883AD, FE1883 AD, FE-1883 AD, 1883 AD EF, EF-1883AD, FЄ1883-BP FЄ1883AD, FЄ1883 BP.

Measuring transducer power three-phase networks FE1883-AD - a device for measuring three-wire and four-wire power grids AC three-phase, 50 Hz and output of results of measurements in digital form via interface RS -485. Also, the device can be used for linear power conversion (total active, reactive or total total total) in a standardized output DC signals.
    Other uses converters: the control parameters of electrical installations, equipment technical diagnostics for complex automation of nuclear power plants and other industries that require the measurement and control of the parameters of three-phase networks.
    Operation FE1883-BP is a three-phase network parameters determine the conversion of the instantaneous values ​​of the input signals into digital codes and further mathematical processing.
    Structurally, the converters are made ​​in cases of difficult flammable plastic, can be mounted on boards and panels, as well as cabinets and racks on balanced tire TS 35 (standard DIN EN 50022).
    The case, measuring instruments converters FE1883-BP, which is made ​​of hard plastic fuel consists of a main body and the faceplate. Printed circuit board on which the electric circuit elements are inside. The front panel connector pin screws, LEDs "ON." And "Mode".

Specifications of measuring transducers FE1883-AD

    Accuracy class - 0.5.
    Power transmitters:
    - AC frequency (50 ÷ 5) Hz and 220V;
    - The DC voltage of 24V;
    - The measured network (only for inverters with finite values ​​of the measuring range of input voltage 69.3 V, 120V and 264V).

    Ranges of input and output signals FE1883-AD provided in the table.

Name of the input signal
Range measurement input
The nominal value of the input signal
The range of the output of the standard signal DC mA
(12-69,3) B-(48,5-69,3) in
(20-120), B (80-120) in
(40-264), B (170-264) in
Current, A
0.01 A-1A
0,025 A-2, 5A
2.5 A
0.05 A-5A
Power factor: active (cosφ)
Reactive (sinφ)
0-5, 0-20, 4-20
Frequency, Hz
45Hz - 55Hz
    The limits of the permissible basic error of measurement of current and voltage ± 0,25%
    The limits of permissible basic error of measurement of active, reactive and apparent power ± 0,5%.

The power consumed by inverter from the power supply must not exceed:
    - 5V · A (for transmitters with power from the AC);
    - 5W (for transmitters with power from a DC source).

Power consumed by the converters from the signal source, shall not exceed:
    - 0.5 W (for each series circuit);
    - 0.25 W (for each parallel circuit).
    When powered from the signal source, the power consumption of the transducers from the source increases by 5 Watts.

Dimensions FE1883-AD:
- 70x77x110 mm (3-wire network);
- 100x77x110 mm (4-wire network).
Weight - 0.5 kg.
Housing protection - IP20.
Seismic resistance - 8 points.

Operating conditions of devices FE1883-AD

Ambient temperature from -10 ° C to +50 ° C.
Relative humidity 95% at 25 ° C.
Atmospheric pressure of 84 kPa to 106kPa.
Mean time between failures - at least 50,000 hours.
Durability - not less than 10 years.

Photos: FE1883-AD

FE1883-AD device image.
FE1883-AD device image.
FE1883-AD overall dimensions.
FE1883-AD overall dimensions.