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FD321M-03 Photodiode FD321M-03.


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Photodiode FD321M-03 (FD321M03, FD-321M-03, FD321M 03)
Photodiode FD321M-03 is used in sensors of visible and near-infrared optical radiation for various purposes, scientific research.
Product Specifications photodiodes FD321M-03:
The effective diameter of the photosensitive element - 0,6 x0, 6 mm;
Field of the spectral sensitivity of the photodiode products FD321M-03 - 0.4 mm-1, 1 mm;
Current monochromatic sensitivity at λ = 0,85 mm - less than 0.5 A / W;
The unevenness of sensitivity on the effective photosensitive element photodiode products FD321M-03 - no more than ± 5,0%;
Mode of inclusion - photodiode;
Dark current at 20 º C, at a voltage = 12V Usm - no more 3nA;
Housing items photodiode FD321M-03 - leaky basement on textolite;
Weight - no more than 10 grams;
Operating temperature range Product photodiode FD321M-03 - 10 º C to 60 º C;
Relative humidity at 25 º C - 95%;
The failure rate of products photodiode FD321M-03 - no more than 5 ∙ 10 -6 h -1 for 10,000 hours of use with confidence 0.6;
90% HYDRATED shelf in the equipment - not less than 12 years;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality photodiode FD321M-03 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.