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     Photodiode FD-200-520 (FD200-520, PD 200-520)
     Photodiode FD-200-520 - is an ordinary semiconductor diode, in which it is possible to influence the optical radiation on the p-n-junction.
     Sensitivity Range - 0.20 microns - 0.52 microns.
     The size of the photosensitive element - 5 × 5 mm.
     Dark current - not more than 0.2 nA at a bias voltage of 10 mV.
     Photodiodes FD-200-520 is used in various fields of science and technology. This is due to the sensitivity of the photodiodes in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared regions of the spectrum, to operate at low voltages and low currents, weak noise, long service life and ease of use schemes. Photodiodes are widely used in recording and measuring devices photometry.

     Dimensions photodiode FD-200-520 filed in Figure 1.

FD-200-520 photodiode dimensions

Figure 1. FD-200-520 dimensions.

     Specifications FD-200-520

     The typical spectral response sensitivity FD-200-520 is shown in Fig. 2.
FD-200-520 photodiode spectral response sensitivity

     Fig. 2. FD-200-520 photodiode t ipichnaya spectral sensitivity characteristics of the product.
     FD 200 520 have low sensitivity in the wavelength range above 520nm (at 0.1% of the maximum effect is inevitable photoemission of electrons).