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    Meter relay timing parameters F738 (F-738, F 738; f738; f 738; f-738).

    F738 meter relay-time parameters of the unit, designed to determine the time or release the switch, the difference between the response time of any combination of two pairs of make and break contacts when triggered or lowering the relay and the time short circuit or break contacts.
    Technical features F738:
    - Measuring range: from 1 ms to 10 s in four bands;
    - Power to the unit: 127/220V ± 10% at a frequency of 50 Hz ± 1%.
    F738 allows you to measure the following timing relay coil relay when powered from an external source of direct current of 10A and a voltage up to 240V, or AC voltages up to 6A and up to 380V, with power consumption of the test coil relay should not exceed 100 watts:
    - Release time relay with a "W" and "P" contacts;
    - The time of the relay with a normally closed "P" or trailing "Z" contacts;
    - The time difference make or break any combination of 2 pairs of "Z" or "R" contact when triggered, or drop-out;
    - The short-term engagement or disengagement of the locking "KYC" or closing the "RSK" contacts.
    Devices F738 has a double-digit digital display frame, and can operate in a vertical or horizontal position, the front panel. Dimensions devices F738:
    - The size of the meter: 440 × 375 × 200 mm;
    - Weight - no more than 12kg.
    Specifications F738
    F738 Power supply - AC 50Hz rated voltage of 127/220 V.
    The basic error of measuring instruments of time for each relay F738 under normal conditions does not exceed the value determined by the formula:
    where t K - the final value of the time interval measurement range; t x - indication of the instrument, 5 - maximum permissible error of the oscillator device, 0.5 - factor determining a discrete reference system unit F738.
    Additional error F738 when operating in conditions other than nominal, not more than half of the primary in the following cases:
    - Supply voltage deviates by ± 10% of nominal;
    - When the temperature deviation for every 10 ° C from the optimal temperature of +20 ° C.
    Start-key timing parameters meter relay F738 allows the opening of the current in the windings checked relay:
    - 10A at voltages up to 240V (DC operating current);
    - 6A at variable voltage up to 380V.
    After a preliminary warm-F738 for 30 minutes allowed continuous operation for 8 hours.

Photos: F738

F738 device image.
F738 device image.
F738 front view.
F738 front view.
F738 side view.
F738 side view.
F738 rear view.
F738 rear view.
F738 overhead view.
F738 overhead view.
F738 bottom view.
F738 bottom view.