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Digital display unit F5071 (F-5071, F 5071)
Block F5071 digital display designed for digital indication of the movable units of machine tools accuracy class "H".
Unit is designed to work with motion sensor on the basis of contactless synchro BS-155A power supply and the type of inpatient F5075 machine shops machine-building enterprises.
Technical characteristics of the devices display units F5071:
Measuring range of movement - from 0.01 mm to 9999.99 mm;
Discrete samples - 10mkm;
Digital readout on the display panel unit display unit F5071, corresponding to one revolution of the rotor synchro BC-155A, is 10.00 mm;
Vnutrishagovaya error block in conjunction with BC-155A selsyns - no more than 10mkm; instability (respite care) unit together with the evidence that does not exceed ± selsyns 2mkm;
The instrument display unit F5071 provides:
- Digital display value of the controlled movement of the decimal system;
- An indication of the controlled movement of the mark in relation to the established top frame;
- Reset to zero readings on the indicator board;
- Introduction of an arbitrary coordinate value with the sign "plus" or "minus" and further reading on this value;
- Indication of the double value of the controlled movement in the "Diameter";
When the temperature (operating range) for every 10 K shift of the origin of the instrument display unit F5071 - does not exceed ± 15 mkm;
- Increase in unit vnutrishagovoy error does not exceed 5mkm;
- Increase in instability (respite care) reading unit does not exceed ± 1 mm;
Unit normally operates at a rate of change of phase measurement signal up to 1500 cycles per minute;
The instrument display unit F5071 allows long continuous operation for not less than 16 hours, followed by a break 1 hour;
Counting unit is testimony to the indicator panel, consisting of a character controlled by the coordinates of one landmark and six digital CRT display lamps;
Determination of the testimony of the unit is LSB to gas-discharge display device;
The unit provides the ability to change plastic plates with characters controlled by the X, Y, Z;
Power supply display unit by F5071 from an independent power supply such as F5075.
The total power consumed by the display unit and power supply does not exceed 65V ∙ A at nominal voltage power line;
Dimensions - 490x380x130mm;
Weight - 8kg;
MTBF instrument display unit F5071 - at least 4750 hours.Life - at least 6 years.