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    The null indicator F5046 (F 5046, F-5046)
    The null indicator F5046 - a device used as a pointer to the bridge balance compensation schemes I ac and for other similar purposes.

    Input impedance - 600 ohms.
    Power - AC 220V, 50Hz with harmonic content of 5% ..
    Power consumption - 10W.
    Dimensions - 120 × 190 × 195mm.
    Weight - 3kg.

    Technical characteristics

    Null indicators F5046 are available in three versions, filed in Table 1:

    Table 1.
Modification of the device
The normal range of frequencies
30Hz - 61Gts
380Gts - 420Gts
970Gts - 1.03 kHz
The null indicator is a multi-F5046, restored and repaired product.
    Sensitivity null indicator F5046 is not less than 5 mm wk. / MV, the appliance has a three-stage sensitivity up to 30dB attenuation. Error of products with the weakening of the sensitivity of each stage does not exceed ± 3 dB.
    Response time unit F5046 is 4 seconds. Selectivity of the third harmonic - not less than 60 dB.
    Deviation pointer device F5046 from zero caused by background noise and does not exceed the value corresponding to the input voltage of 0.3 mV.

    Series F5046 asymmetry of the output circuit voltage has the following values:
    - F5046/1 - not less than 80 dB;
    - F5046/2 - not less than 70 dB;
    - F5046/3 - not less than 60 dB.

    Products F5046/1 are calculated on the full line of service period of 10 years.
    The manufacturer guarantees that the null indicators F5046 correspond to the quality of the technical requirements specifications subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: F5046

F5046 device image.
F5046 device image.
F5046 view panel of the device.
F5046 view panel of the device.
F5046 side view.
F5046 side view.
F5046 rear view.
F5046 rear view.
F5046 overhead view.
F5046 overhead view.
F5046 bottom view.
F5046 bottom view.