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Frequency meter portable F433/3

Also this device can be called: F-433/3, F 433/3, F433-3; F-433-3, F433 3.


F433/3 frequency meter portable showing is designed to measure the frequency of oscillations in the laboratory and workshop environments.


Specifications frequency meters F433/3:


Accuracy class - 1,5; 2,5.

Measurement range - 0,1 kHz; 0,3 kHz; 1 kHz; 3 kHz; 10 kHz; 30 kHz; 100 kHz; 300 kHz; 500 kHz; 1 MHz.


The basic error of the frequency does not exceed:

- for devices of accuracy class 2,5 at the limit of measurement at 1 MHz - ±6%;

- for devices of accuracy class 2,5 at the limit of measurement of 500 kHz - ±2,5%;

- devices for accuracy class 1,5 for the rest of the range - ±11,5%.


Nominal input voltage region, input resistance and input capacitance are shown in the table below:


Input voltage from 0,1 V to 10 V from 3 V to 300 V
Input impedance at 1 kHz 50 kOhm 2000 kOhm
Input capacitance without guides 50 pF 30 pF


Supply frequency meter F433/3 - independent from the two batteries KBS-L-0,50 with a voltage from 3,7 V to 4,5 V.

Internal resistance of each power supply - 5 Ohm.

At temperatures below 0 power is supplied from the mains voltage of 220 V, 50 Hz through the converter F4361.

Settling time of the movable part of frequency meter - not more than 4 s.

Materials body and lid unit - metal.

Measuring mechanism - magnetoelectric system.

The moving part is mounted on the banners.

Reading device - drag pointer.

Scale length F433/3 - 106 mm.

Operating position - horizontal.


Overall dimensions of the frequency meter:

- without cover - 290×185×125 mm;

- with lid - 290×185×130 mm.

Weight frequency meter - not more than 3,7 kg.


Operating conditions F433/3:


The ambient air temperature - from -30° C to +40° C.

Relative humidity at +30° C - 90%.

In terms of resistance to mechanical stress frequency refers to the ordinary with high strength.

By the degree of protection against external magnetic influences frequency meter F433/3 belongs to the category II.

Photos: F433/3

F433/3 device image.
F433/3 device image.
F433/3 front view.
F433/3 front view.
F433/3 rear view.
F433/3 rear view.
F433/3 overhead view.
F433/3 overhead view.
F433/3 bottom view.
F433/3 bottom view.