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Insulation monitoring device F4106

Also this device can be called: F-4106, F 4106, F41-06, F41 06.


F4106 insulation monitoring device is designed to measure the insulation resistance and alarm when it falls below a specified level (setpoint) in AC under voltage of 220 V or 380 V, 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz.


Applications: mobile and stationary power plant with isolated neutral.


Devices F4106 consist of two units: the indicating device PU-F4106 and the relay device RU-F4106.


Specifications F4106:


Measuring range - from 0.02 MOhm to 5 MOhm.

Accuracy class PU-F4106 - 2.5.

The device has three switchable settings resistance Pu: 12 Ohm, 20 Ohm, 60 Ohm or 30 Ohm, 50 Ohm, 500 Ohm.


Maximum permissible error RU-F4106 - ±10% of the resistance settings.

The input resistance - not less than 250 kOhm.

Operational current (measured resistance through EDM) - not more than 0.6 mA.

Power consumption - not more than 15·A.


Release time RU - not more than 0.1 seconds.

RU-F4106 has output 2 switching contacts, switching modes are given in the table below:


Range switching Type of current Type of Load
current voltage
from 0.1 A to 2 A from 6 V to 30 V permanent active, t≤15 ms
from 0.05 A to 1 A from 6 V to 30 V
from 0.1 A to 0.3 A from 6 V to 250 V active, cosφ≥0.3
from 0.1 A to 0.25 A from 6 V to 115 V variable from 50 Hz to 1100 Hz


Supply voltage - from 154 V to 222 V.

Insulation resistance at which the operation RU - 0.6 (2Pu+30 Ohm) to 1.4 (2Pu+30 Ohm).

Scale length PU-F4106 - at least 50 mm.

Time delay RU-F4106 after applying power to the unit capacity controlled network to 10 mcF and resistance response of at least 2Pu+30 Ohm - not more than 20 seconds.


Warm-up time - 15 minutes.

Operation mode of the insulation monitoring devices - continuous.

Continuous operation - not limited.



- PU-F4106 - 80×80×100 mm;

- RU-F4106 - 175×98×143 mm.


- PU-F4106 - not more than 0.2 kg;

- RU-F4106 - no more than 1.3 kg.


Operating conditions F4106:


The ambient air temperature - from -60° C to +60° C.

Relative humidity at +35° C - 98%.

Atmospheric pressure - up to 60 kPa.

Acceleration - up to 10 m/s2.

Vibration frequency - 10 Hz to 70 Hz.

Photos F4106 (Ф4106)

F4106 device image.
F4106 device image.
F4106 front view.
F4106 front view.
F4106 rear view.
F4106 rear view.
F4106 overhead view.
F4106 overhead view.