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    Phase Shift F2-16 (2-16 F, F-2-16; f 2-16; f 2-16; f-2-16)

    Phase Shift-F2 16 - the device is designed for measuring the phase difference between two continuous sine wave signals of the same frequency.
    Frequency response 20Hz-2MHz;
    The dynamic range of input voltages of 50 dB;
    Digital readout and recording on the recorder.
    Phase meters F2-16 are on the bipolar trigger amped. Measuring and reference channels of devices - are identical. The input emitter followers rendered in probes to reduce the input capacitance of the device.

    Dimensions F2-16:
    - Dimensions: 475h490h175mm;
    - Weight: 15kg.
    The structure of phase meters F2-16 consists of the following precious metals - gold, silver. Mass of precious metals in a single device:
    - Gold - 0.96263 g;
    - Silver - 0.33682 g;
    - Palladium - 0 67689g.

    Specifications F2-16:

    - Power consumption: 50W;
    - Input impedance at the frequency of 100 kHz at least 1 Mohm;
    - Input voltage range 0.002-200V;
    - Limits the measurement of the phase difference 0 ± 180 °, 0-360 °;
    - Accuracy of the phase difference (0.2 + 0.004 φh) °;
    - Input capacitance of less than 15pF.

    Phase Shift F2-16 operate on the principle of converting the measured phase differences in the time interval and then measuring the digital device DC current pulses with a duration equal to that interval. 

Photos: F2-16

F2-16 phase shift image.
F2-16 phase shift image.
F2-16 front view.
F2-16 front view.
F2-16 side view.
F2-16 side view.
F2-16 rear view.
F2-16 rear view.
F2-16 overhead view.
F2-16 overhead view.
F2-16 bottom view.
F2-16 bottom view.