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Voltammeter EV2234 (EV 2234, EV-2234)
Voltammeter EV2234 is designed to measure voltage and constant current.
Dimensions - 200h106h100mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltammeter EV2234:
Designed to measure the potential difference between ground and underground structures, as well as for the measurement of stray currents on underground structures, rails, pipes and metallic cable sheath.
Measurement ranges instrument voltammeter EV2234:
0.005 A-0A-0, 005A, 0.05 A-0A-0, 05A, 0,1 A-0A-0, 1A, 1A-0A-1A-10A 0A-10A
The voltage
0.5 V-0 V-0, 5V, 0V-1V-1V, 5V, 0V-5V, 10V-0V-10V, 50V-0V-50V, 0V-100V-100V
Class of accuracy of the instrument voltammeter EV2234
The input impedance
200 kOhm / V
Response time unit voltammeter EV2234
not more than 3s
Working conditions of use
-30 º C to 50 ° C
relative humidity
up to 90% (at 30 ° C)
Overall dimensions voltammeter EV2234
1.4 kg

Photos EV2234

EV2234 device image.
EV2234 device image.
EV2234 front view (scale).
EV2234 front view (scale).
EV2234 side view.
EV2234 side view.
EV2234 rear view.
EV2234 rear view.
EV2234 bottom view.
EV2234 bottom view.