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EV2234-1 Voltammeter EV2234-1.


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Voltammeter EV2234-1 (EV22341, EV 2234 1, EV-2234-1)
Voltammeter EV2234-1 is designed to control the leakage current between the body and earth moving vehicles with electrically.
Dimensions - 200h106h100mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltammeter EV2234-1:
Portable voltammeter DC EV2234-1 are designed to control the leakage current between the body and earth moving vehicles electrically, and are used when performing maintenance work (including the carrying out repair and maintenance work) and with the release of these funds from the depot on the line.
Requirements for the permissible value of leakage current are regulated by the operational documents for vehicles, such as trolleys and pp.2.1.5 03/03/14 "manual. Trolleybus passenger ZiU-682V, 682V1 ZiU-'to ensure compliance with safety requirements for repair and maintenance of rolling stock.
The device voltammeter EV2234-1 - portable mnogopredelny voltmeter pointer to a pointer and a bilateral scale, set of wires with special lugs, fitted with a cloth pouch, providing comfort when working in a portable version.
The device allows to determine the actual value of the leakage current and the electric voltage in the line, is protected against overloads.
With more than 3mA leakage current pointer device voltammeter EV2234-1 is the scale at the red zone, thus there is light indication.Warning light appears at a current of at least 2mA and 3mA at a current is clearly visible.
Measurement ranges instrument voltammeter EV2234-1:
0.05 mA, 0 mA-0, 05mA, 0.1 mA, 0 mA = 0, 1 mA, 0.5 mA, 0 mA-0, 5 mA, 1 mA, 0 mA-1 mA, 0 mA-5 mA-5 mA
at a constant voltage
10V-0V-10V, 0V-100V-100V, 1000V-1000V-0V
Class of accuracy of the instrument voltammeter EV2234-1
Dielectric strength
Operating conditions of the instrument voltammeter EV2234-1
-30 º C to 50 ° C
relative humidity
up to 90% (at 30 ° C)
Overall dimensions
Unit weight voltammeter EV2234-1
1.4 kg
An example entry in order and in the technical documentation of other products:
"Voltammeter EV2234-1, TU-93 25 PD1.7514.0110."