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    Telegraph distorsion measurer ETI-69
    Also, this device can be called: ETI69, ETI 69.

    ETI-69 measurer telegraph distortion is designed to measure the distortion of telegraph distortion parcels test telegraph channels, instruments and relays.
    Mode - inching, synchronous.
    Measuring range:
    - Inching in at fixed rates - 50 Bod; 75 Bod; 100 Bod; 150 Bod; 203 Bod;
    - Synchronous operation -
from 44 Bod to 112 Bod;
    - In synchronous mode with continuous adjustment -
150 Bod; 200 Bod; 300 Bod.
    ETI-69 measurers record distortion common value or start-stop distortion, or the maximum of the measurement session. Meter determines the distortion of the fronts of each of the parcels of start-stop cycle and allows you to split distortion at random, and the prevalence of the characteristic defining their character.
    ETI-69 input device provides reception at speeds up to 100 baud and rounded rectangular parcels in unipolar mode and receiving parcels bipolar at all speeds. Symmetrical input device and provides the possibility of parallel and serial connection to the circuit under the following gradations input impedance: 25, 10, 3, 1 and 0.1 ohms.
    In the distortion gauges  ETI-69 counting method using the discrete measured values ​​of edge distortions at 2% across the entire chip at all speeds and 1% - within half a chip. Count value is displayed on the distortion produced figures from 0 to ±25% with the possibility of increasing prices and dividing the detection limit of 2 times.
Specifications ETI-69:

Deviation denominations constant speeds, the start-stop mode at normal temperature - no more than ±0,2%.
    Measuring error in the measurement of the distortion of its own sensor at speeds up to 200 baud when counting by 2% does not exceed ±2%, when counting by 1% - ±1% at speeds of 200 and 300 bps, this error is ±3% when counting by 2% and ±2% - when counting by 1%.

Minimum current input device:
    - In the bipolar mode - 2 mA;
    - In unipolar mode 5 mA.

Output impedance of the device - no more than 200 ohms.
    Mains voltage - 220 V.
    Supply frequency - 50 Hz.
    Power consumption - 100 VA.

Dimensions - 220x335x420 mm.
    Weight - no more than 21 kg.
    Operating temperature range of the device measuring distortion ETI-69 - from -10° C to +50° C.
    Sensor test signals meters
ETI-69 provides the following types of signals:
    - Pressing the "+";
    - Pressing the "-";
    - "1:1" (point);
    - "6:1";
    - "1:6";
    - Text "RY" International code number 2, as well as the combination of "R" and "Y" individually;
    - Automatically alternating combination of "5:1".
    The sensor outputs a voltage pole sending 120±30 and ±60 parcels bipolar ±15 V at load current 0 to 50 mA, as well as single-and double-pole, 20 +6-8 sending voltage at load current 0 to 25 mA.
    Sensor of ETI-69 is protected against overload, short circuits signaling and protection against polarity reversal of linear power supplies.
Device with power switch test allows produ ¬ dit check and adjust neutrality, impact and bounce telegraph relay type RP-3.

Photos: ETI-69

ETI-69 device image.
ETI-69 device image.
ETI-69 front view.
ETI-69 front view.
ETI-69 side view.
ETI-69 side view.
ETI-69 rear view.
ETI-69 rear view.
ETI-69 overhead view.
ETI-69 overhead view.
ETI-69 bottom view.
ETI-69 bottom view.