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    Measuring converter EP8543 AC voltage.
    Also this device can be called: EP-8543, EP 8543, EP8543, EP-8543, EP 8543, ЄP8543, ЄP-8543 ЄP 8543, ep8543, ep-8543, ep 8543.
    EP8543 measuring converter - a device used to convert AC line voltage into a unified output DC signal. Information carrier is the average value of the output signal. The transformation is performed by the average value of the input signal. The inverter provides galvanic isolation of input and output circuits.

Limits of error of ± 1% of the EP8543.
    Measuring range of input signals:
    - EP8543 / 1 - 0V-125V;
    - EP8543 / 2 - 0V-250V;
    - EP8543 / 3 - 0V-400V;
    - EP8543 / 4 - 0V-500V.

    Measuring range 0 mA output signal-5mA.
    Normalizing value of 5 mA output signal.
    The load resistance 1.2 ohms ± 0,1 kW.

    Specifications EP8543

    Input Frequency Range 45Hz-65Hz.
    Warm-up time less than 5 minutes.
    Output ripple less than 39mV.

    The time value setting the output of the EP8543 not more than 0.5 s (abrupt change of input signal from zero to anyone within range measurements).

    The converter EP8543 Limits of additional reduced errors as a percentage of the fiducial value of the output signal (the normal values ​​of the influencing factors listed in Table 1):
    a) ± 0,5% - by change of ambient temperature (20 ± 5) ° C to -30 ° C and +50 ° C at every 10 ° C;
    b) ± 1,0% - by influence of the relative humidity (95 ± 3)% at 35 ° C;
    a) ± 0,5% - under the influence of an external uniform magnetic field, alternating current with a frequency of the measured signal with the magnetic flux density of 0.5 mT at the most unfavorable direction and phase of the magnetic field;
    g) ± 2,0% - by deflection voltage waveform input signal under the influence of 2, 3, 4, 5 th harmonic to 5% of the first harmonic.

    Table 1. Normal values ​​affect the values ​​of variables permissible errors
Influence factor
The normal value
1.      Ambient temperature, ° C
20 ° C ± 5 ° C
2.      The relative humidity of the ambient
30% -80%
3.      Barometric pressure, kPa (mm Hg)
84kPa - 106.7 (630-800) mm Hg
4.      The curve shape of the alternating current or
AC voltage input,%
Sine with a coefficient higher harmonics less than 2%
5.      Input Frequency, Hz
50 Hz ± 1 Hz
6.      Load resistance, ohms
1.2 ohms ± 0,1 k
7.      The magnetic and electric fields
The virtual absence of
electric and magnetic
fields except earth
8.      Operating position of the unit
    Measuring transducer EP8543 does not require an additional power supply, made ​​in a single enclosure designed for surface mounting on boards and racks front connected equipment wires.

For different types of modifications EP8543 The power usage for the device from the measuring circuit when the input signal is equal to the final value of the measuring range, no more:
    - EP8543 / 1 - 2.0 V · A;
    - EP8543 / 2 - 3.5 V · A;
    - EP8543 / 3 - 5.5 V · A;
    - EP8543 / 4 - 6.5 V · A.

    EP8543 withstand without damage to the two-hour input overload of 120% of the final value of the measuring range. At full load, the output overload voltage does not exceed 30V.
    EP8543 resistant and durable to sinusoidal vibration in the frequency range of 10 to 55 Hz at an amplitude offset of 0.15 mm.
    Apparatus withstand without damage momentary overload input in accordance with Table 2.

    Table 2. Base transient overloads input
Device type
The multiplicity of voltage
Number of overloads
The duration of each overload, with
The interval between the two overloads, with
When overloaded output voltage does not exceed 30V at maximum load. Converters of this type of gap is maintained without damage load for 4 hours when the input signal is equal to the final value for 4 hours when the input signal is equal to the final value of the measurement range. The voltage on open output terminal is not greater than 30V.
    External connections converter EP8543 performed using the terminal block IP. Each clamp terminal block provides connection of copper or aluminum conductors from 1 to 6 mm 2, while ensuring good contact and eliminating the possibility of loosening. The parameters of external wiring connections to the consumer chooses depending on the specific project.
    The average time between failures with the maintenance of at least 50,000 hours. The mean time to repair the device status no more than 2 hours. The average lifetime of the device EP8543 at least 10 years of age.
    Overall dimensions of the unit converter EP8543 measuring no more than 110h120h70 mm.
    Unit weight is not more than 1.0 kg.

Photos ЭП8543

EP8543 device image.
EP8543 device image.
EP8543 overall dimensions.
EP8543 overall dimensions.
EP8543 installation dimensions.
EP8543 installation dimensions.
EP8543 connection scheme.
EP8543 connection scheme.