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EP2 ammeter

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EP2 ammeter, voltmeter EP2

Also this device can be called: EP-2, EP 2.


EP2 ammeter, EP2 voltmeter is a portable device technical one-limit electromagnetic system and is intended respectively for measuring voltage and current in AC circuits 50 Hz.


EP2 ammeters, EP2 voltmeters are used for measurements with a low degree of accuracy in the laboratory and workshop practice, as well as the installation of electric and radio equipment.


Specifications EP2:


Accuracy class - 1.5.

Limits of measurement - from 0 to 20 A; from 0 to 600 V.


The basic error of measurement at normal temperature - not more than ±1,5% of full-scale.

Change readings caused by changes in ambient temperature 10° C - not more than ±1,2%.

Measurement limits EP2:


Ammeter Voltmeter
The upper limit of measurement Scale value The upper limit of measurement Scale value
1 A; 2.5 A; 5.0 A;
10 A; 20 A
0.02 A; 0.05 A;
0.1 A; 0.2 A; 0.5 A
10 V; 30 V; 75 V; 150 V; 300 V; 600 V 0,2 V; 0.5 V; 1.0 V;
2.0 V; 5.0 V; 10.0 V


Operating position - horizontal.

Dielectric strength - 2 kV.

Calming the movable part of the device - magnetic induction.

Arrow shape - rod-like.


Dimensions - 165×165×95 mm.

Ammeter weight - 1.3 kg.


Operating conditions EP2:


The ambient air temperature - from -20° C to +50° C.

Relative humidity - 80%.


Ammeters, voltmeters constructively arranged in rectangular plastic case with leather carrying handle and a removable top cover. To eliminate the influence of external magnetic fields measuring mechanism is enclosed in a screen.


EP2 measuring mechanism comprises a circular stationary coil and disposed inside two cores of permalloy or electrical steel, one of which is fixed and the other together with an arrow fastened on a movable axis. When current flows through the coil both cores are magnetized with the same polarity, and pushing each other, creating a rotating rotation moment. Counteracting moment creates a spring spiral.


The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of devices existing technical requirements EP2, when the conditions of operation, transportation and storage.

Photos: EP2

EP2 device image.
EP2 device image.
EP2 device image with closed lid.
EP2 device image with closed lid.
EP2 front view (scale).
EP2 front view (scale).
EP2 front view.
EP2 front view.
EP2 side view.
EP2 side view.
EP2 rear view.
EP2 rear view.
EP2 overhead view.
EP2 overhead view.
EP2 bottom view.
EP2 bottom view.