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Megaohmmeter ELEKTRON-T is designed for continuous automatic monitoring of insulation resistance of ship electric networks single-phase and three-phase AC voltage up to 400V, 50Hz-500Hz with ungrounded as presence detection in a controlled network, and in its absence.
The device has a tropical version.
Technical characteristics of the devices testers ELEKTRON-T:
The device works fine under the following conditions:
- Relative humidity - 80% ± 3% at +40 ° C ± 2 º C and 95% ± 3% at +25 ° C ± 2 º C;
- Changing the ambient pressure in the range 80kPa-200kPa;
- Roll up to 45 º and pitching up to 10 º with a period 7c-19s, long before the roll 22,5 º, trim up to 10 º, with additional error should not exceed half of the basic error;
- Operating temperature - from -10 ° C to +45 ° C;
- Keeps working after being in extreme temperatures - 50 ° C ± 2 º C and +60 ° C ± 2 º C;
Electronic equipment provides continuous automatic control of the insulation, allows visual observation of the numerical value of the insulation resistance from 0 m to 1 MW automatically includes audible and visual alarm when insulation resistance is below the specified set point;
Electronic equipment is powered from the ship's AC, 50 Hz ± 2,5 Hz voltage of 127V or 220V;
Voltage tolerance megaohmmeter instrument ELEKTRON-T allowed the nominal ± 6%;
Power can be obtained both from the monitored network or from an external source;
In the latter case, the designer of the vessel in the supply unit must be provided for the possibility of removing the switch operating voltage-controlled network (megger instrument electron-T switched on supplies voltage to a controlled area network);
Main power when the light is activated and Chime is not PAINFUL 10W;
Measurement error does not exceed 5%, the error signal - 10% of the set point;
Megaohmmeter instrument electron-T has the following 5 settings - 0.5, 0.2, 0.1, 0.05, 0.25;
The device is made ​​in one of these settings.Setting value stipulated at the order;
As sound warning device with megger ELECTRON-T can be used to call or bell own power supplied via relay device;
Contact Options power beeper device megaohmmeter ELEKTRON-T:
- DC:
- 30V - 2A;
- Up to 250 V - 0.3 A;
- AC:
- Up to 250 V - 0.3 A;
Call bell or the apparatus megaohmmeter ELEKTRON-T is not included;
Parallel connection of the device to any device which is its own source of DC voltage, are necessary;
Insulation resistance of electrical circuits megaohmmeter instrument ELEKTRON-T relative to housing should not be less than:
- 20 M - under normal weather conditions - temperature +25 º C ± 10 ° C, relative humidity of 65% ± 15%, ± 100 kPa pressure 4kPa;
- At least 1 MOhm - at +40 ° C ± 2 º C, humidity of 95% ± 3%;
Dielectric strength relative to the body to check for voltage 2.0 kV AC, 50 Hz;
Overall dimensions megaohmmeter ELEKTRON-T - 175x195x224mm;
Weight - not more than 4.2 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument megaohmmeter ELEKTRON-T technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.


ELEKTRON-T megger image.
ELEKTRON-T megger image.
ELEKTRON-T front view (scale).
ELEKTRON-T front view (scale).
ELEKTRON-T side view (casing depth).
ELEKTRON-T side view (casing depth).
ELEKTRON-T rear view (connection).
ELEKTRON-T rear view (connection).
ELEKTRON-T overhead view.
ELEKTRON-T overhead view.
ELEKTRON-T bottom view.
ELEKTRON-T bottom view.