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EKOFIZIKA (ЭКОФИЗИКА) Portable multi-channel measuring and recording system EKOFIZIKA.


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Portable multi-channel system for measuring and recording EKOFIZIKA
Portable multi-channel system for measuring and recording EKOFIZIKA designed to:
Sanitary and environmental control of noise, vibration, infrared and ultrasound.
Attestation of workplaces on working conditions.
Building acoustics.
Environmental Monitoring;
The measurement of vibration characteristics of the machines.
Vibration control of buildings and building structures.
Measurement of pulse processes.
Measuring the strength of electromagnetic fields and much more.
Product Specifications portable multi-channel measuring and recording EKOFIZIKA:
The device is a new generation of EKOFIZIKA.
Portable multi-channel system for measuring and recording of vibroacoustic and other dynamic processes.
Portable multi-channel system for measuring and recording EKOFIZIKA exhaustive professional solution for virtually any application of measurement of dynamic processes.
The instrument provides:
- Simultaneous measurement of noise, vibration, infrared, or ultrasound (to 100kHz) with 4 channels (synchronous);
- Work in an integrating sound level meter precision modes (GOST 17187, IEC 61672-1) and the vibrometer (ISO Standard 8041), with octave-drobnooktavnym analysis (GOST 17168-82, IEC 61260);
- Monitoring function;
- Statistical analysis (measuring and recording the table of distribution and percentiles);
- Narrow-band analysis (FFT);
- Record time implementations with the ability to post-processing;
- Internal and external triggers;
- Connect the tachometer;
- Connection of the measuring electric and magnetic antennas;
- Frequency analysis and mode selective microvoltmeter in the range up to 500kHz!
- Connection to the device portable multichannel system measuring and recording EKOFIZIKA digital sensors;
- Remote control wireless (ZigBee) with the ability to record voice comments to the measurement and marking of events;
- Connection of external memory (Memory Device USB - «flash drive").
Dynamic measurement channels *:
1 - «Audio / HF» - Connector Switchcraft-5pin - microphones (0V/200V) antennas P6-70 P6-71
1 - BNC; ICP-sensors, 
2 - IEPE (ICP) - Connector BNC - ICP sensors
3 - IEPE (ICP) - BNC-ICP sensors
4 - IEPE (ICP) - BNC-ICP sensors
5 - TACHO / DIGITAL - BNC - TTL input / digital sensors / external trigger
The interface device channel portable multichannel system for measuring and recording EKOFIZIKA:
USB Master, USB Slave, UART (galvanically isolated) Synchronous Serial Port (SPORT)
Frequency range
Audio / HF: 0.8 - 50 kHz (up to 500 kHz in the HF-mode)
IEPE-2/3/4 - 0.8 - 10 kHz
Input voltage range the device portable multichannel system for measuring and recording EKOFIZIKA
Audio / HF: ± 15V
IEPE-2/3/4: ± 2,4 In
Virtual instruments (measurement modes):
1-channel mode precision integrating sound level meter / analyzer
spectrum (1,6-20 kHz; A, C, Z, AU, FI, G, 1/1- and 1/3-octave filters);
saving time histories (Auto save) the accumulation of histograms
distribution and calculation of percentiles Ln, recording time realizations
signals simultaneously with the measurements. 
• 22skz-142pik dBA - a range of ultrasonic measurements with a microphone 50mV/Pa
1-channel 1/3-octave analyzer of acoustic signals (1000 Hz-100000Gts)
3-channel measuring general / local vibration, corrected,
Octave and third octave levels of acceleration (Wk, Wd, Wm, Wb, Wh and
others m/s2 dB), vibration exposure A (8), VDV and other parameters
12.1.012-2004 GOST, GOST 31191.1, 31192.1 Standard ISO Standard 8041,
accumulation distribution histograms and calculation of percentiles, the record
time realizations of signals simultaneously with the measurements.
• 0,0006-140m / s 2 - when working with the standard vibrator (100 mV / g)
3-channel FFT spectrum analyzer (1 Hz-10000 Hz)
4-channel analysis in 1/3-octave bands 6.3 Hz 40000Gts, an additional filter (A / C / Z / AU);
4-channel analysis in 1/3-octave bands 0.8 Hz-5000Hz, an additional filter (G / FI / Wk / Wd / Wm / Wb / Wh);
1-channel analysis 1/12-oktavnyh bands 100 Hz-10000 Hz
Selective microvoltmeter portable multichannel instrument system for measuring and recording EKOFIZIKA
Selective microvoltmeter, frequency range up to 500kHz,
- FFT of the entire band (500kHz)
- 5 bands of selective measurement 
- FFT in a narrow band - a frequency
- Harmonic Analysis
- Running the filter (log. scale of frequency)
Mode for measuring reverberation time
E-meter-500kHz / 
Measuring the intensity of EP / IP in the range up to 500kHz (promchastota, VDT fields, etc.)
Portable digital recorder device multichannel measuring and recording system EKOFIZIKA
Special mode of recording and visualization of temporal realizations of the signals
Cross Analysis
Mode analysis of mutual
Upon request postprocessing time waveforms recorded in the internal memory portable multi-channel system for measuring and recording EKOFIZIKA or transmitted to the device through the digital channels (USB, UART, SPORT).