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EIN-MG4 Voltage meter EIN-MG4.


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Voltage meter EIN-MG4 (EINMG4, EIN-MG-4, EIN MG 4, EIN MG4)
Voltage meter EIN-MG4 designed for operational control of the production of pre-stressed in a rod, wire and cable reinforcement concrete structures frequency method.
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges voltage EIN-MG4:
The range of measured pressure - 100MPa-1800MPa;
The range of diameters controlled valves - 3mm-32mm;
The range of lengths controlled valves - 3m-18m;
The basic error of frequency measurement instrument voltage meter EIN-MG4 - less than ± 0,4%;
The basic error of the voltage measurement - ± 3%;
One cycle measurement instrument voltage meter EIN-MG4 - 2c-5c;
Power - autonomous element of type "Corundum» (6LR61) 6V-9V;
Dimensions - 177h90h30mm;
Weight of the device voltage meter EIN-MG4 with sensor - not more than 0.5 kg;
Unlike analog device EIN-MG4 is the automatic execution of technological calculations:
- Set extension fittings;
- The length of the reinforcement preform;
- Adjusting the distance between the anchor head (temporary anchors);
For users that produce several types of prestressed concrete structures, the possibility of installing and storing five combinations of the original data (the distance between stops shape, diameter and class reinforcement project in the armature voltage);
The instrument voltage meter EIN-MG4 volatile memory is provided with  measurements and effective two-stage digital filter provides suppression of electromagnetic interference and noise harmonic vibrations of the valve;
During the measurements, the instrument automatically performs several measurements oscillation frequency reinforcement comparing them together, selects good value and converts it to mechanical stress in accordance with the algorithm vychisleniy4
Display of measurement instrument voltage meter EIN-MG4 - digital, in MPa;
The device has a test mode control;
The apparatus voltage meter EIN-MG4:
- Electronic control unit;
- Bag;
- Unit verification;
Vehicle Operation Manual
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument voltage meter EIN-MG4 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.