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ED2230 Frequency counter ED2230.


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Frequency ED2230 (ED-2230, ED 2230)
Frequency ED2230 is designed to measure the frequency of the AC circuit.
Dimensions - 80h80h72mm, cut the shield 77.5 mm.
Accuracy class - 1.0.
Technical characteristics of the devices ED2230 frequency counters:
The devices can be used in industrial enterprises and enterprises of electric power (CHP, hydro, power plant, nuclear power plants), the intersystem electric networks, as well as the enterprises of electrotechnical industry for a complete set of power equipment (switchboards, control panels, control panels, etc.).
Frequency ED2230 - Analog panel meter with a needle indicator.
Frequency range of measured values
The operating voltage of the measured value
220 ± 33B, 380 ± 57B;
Scale unit frequency ED2230
0.5 Hz
Class of accuracy
Consumed power
2.5 A ∙
Overall dimensions of the device frequency ED2230
Cutout in the panel
Ø77, 5mm
0.25 kg
Operating conditions of the device frequency ED2230
Ambient temperature
from -50 º C to +60 ° C
95% at 35 ° C
An example entry in order and in the technical documentation for other products the instrument with a working frequency ED2230 380V:
"Frequency ED2230, ~ 380V, TU 3146-011-05798317-01."

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