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ECOTESTVIP Radioactivity detector personal ECOTESTVIP.


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Radioactivity detector personal ECOTESTVIP (ECOTEST-VIP, ECOTEST VIP)
Radioactivity detector is designed for personal ECOTESTVIP warning about the dangerous levels of gamma radiation, as well as to assess the levels of gamma radiation and its power.
The detector is sensitive also to the hard X-rays;
Additionally, the unit of radioactivity detector personal ECOTESTVIP realized the clock and alarm functions;
The detector used for monitoring the radiation safety of the user, to assess the radiological cleanliness of residential and office accommodation, household items, clothing, vehicles.
Technical characteristics of the instrument detectors of radioactivity personal ECOTESTVIP:
Display range of equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma radiation - 0.1 mkZv/god-999, 9mk3v/god;
Display range of equivalent dose (ED) gamma radiation detector unit of radioactivity personal ECOTESTVIP - 0,1 mSv-999 9Mk3v;
Energy range of gamma radiation, recorded - 0.05 MeV-3, 0MeV;
Time of continuous operation of the detector when powered by two elements, size AAAA capacity of 620mA / h - at least 2500ch;
Continuous monitoring of radioactivity detector device personal ECOTESTVIP state batteries;
Audible alarms for exceeding the threshold dose of gamma radiation;
Overall dimensions of radioactivity detector ECOTESTVIP personal - 33h15h137mm;
Weight - not more than 0.06 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument detector radioactivity personal ECOTESTVIP technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation;
Radioactivity detector personal "EcotestVIP" refers to the class of indicators, alarms, and not a means for formal (professional) measurements.
Radioactivity detector personal "EcotestVIP" is calibrated on the reference sources of ionizing radiation at the factory and is not subject to verification.