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EA2265 Ammeter EA2265.


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Ammeter EA2265 (EA 2265, EA-2265)
EA2265 ammeter designed to measure the mean square values ​​force the AC sinusoidal power frequency.
Measuring range - 0.5 A, 1.0 A, 2.5 A, 5.0 A, 5.0 A, 10A, 10A, 20A.
Class of accuracy - 0.2-0.5.
Technical characteristics of the instrument ammeters EA2265:
The devices are designed to measure the mean square value of the force AC sinusoidal power frequency.
Instruments used in the verification and calibration less accurate instruments, as well as to check the parameters of products in their manufacture, inspection and test.
EA2265 instrument ammeter gauge is designed as a DC rectifier.Meter DC magneto system with a moving part on extensions with needle indicator and uniform scale length 150mm, with antiparallaksnym device.
The main features of the device ammeter EA2265:
- Linear scale from 0% to 100% of measurement range;
- No power supply;
- Low internal resistance, ensuring minimal impact on device operation modes of equipment in the circuit which are measured;
- Possibility of extending the range of measurement instruments EA2265 ammeter connecting external standard current transformer;
- Hand-type, which provides confident reading the testimony.
Instruments EA2265 ammeter are available in two accuracy classes: 0.2 or 0.5.
The limits of measurement instruments and exchangeable analogs are shown in Table 1.
Table 1: Range of measurement instruments EA2265 ammeter as well as interchangeable equivalents
The limits of measurement (dual-band measurements in one instrument)
Replaceable analogues
0.5 A and 1.0 A
E537, E525, E528 (cl.0, 5)
D5078, D5014 \ 3 (cl.0, 2)
2.5 A and 5.0 A
E538, E526, E529 (cl.0, 5)
D5079, D5014 \ 2 (cl.0, 2)
5.0 A and 10 A
E539, E527, E530 (cl.0, 5)
D5080, D5014 \ 1 (cl.0, 2)
10A and 20A
In agreement with the customer produce ammeter EA2265 other ranges up to 50A direct connection, the frequency range up to 10000Gts.
The operating conditions of devices ammeter EA2265:
10 º C to 35 ° C
relative humidity
80% at 20 ° C
Overall dimensions
Weight of the device ammeter EA2265
no more than 3kg
An example entry in order and in the technical documentation of other products:
"Ammeter EA2265, 5A, 10A, cl.0, 2 TU 4224-014-05798310-2001. "
Advantages of new instruments EA2265 ammeter:
- Devices have a linear scale, allowing measurement of currents in the whole range from 0% to 100% scale, while the analogues was measured in the range 20% -100% scale;
- Instruments EA2265 ammeter are hand-type.Similar instruments of accuracy class 0, 2, with a light indicator in the form of "bunny" is very sensitive to vibration and shock, requiring accurate installation in the horizontal plane, the count is difficult reading in bright light.These defects do not have instruments EA2265.
In the real world of instrument ammeter EA2265 provides greater accuracy in comparison with its analogues, in spite of the same class of accuracy.This is due to low internal resistance ammeter, so that its inclusion does not distort the measurement circuit current in this circuit.