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Ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M (EA 2258 M, EA-2258-M, EA2258 M, EA2258-M , EA 2258M, EA-2258M)
Ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M designed to measure current in AC circuits.
Dimensions - 120h120h100mm.
Class of accuracy - 1.0-1.5.
Technical characteristics of the devices EA2258M ammeters, kiloampermetry EA2258M:
The devices can be used in industrial enterprises and enterprises of electric power (CHP, hydro, power plant, nuclear power plants), the intersystem electric networks, as well as the enterprises of electrotechnical industry for a complete set of power equipment (switchboards, control panels, control panels, etc.).
Ammeters EA2258M The dimensions, the limits of measurement and other parameters can be used instead of ammeters, E365 kiloampermetrov, E377, EA0702, TS33, TS330 (size 120x120 mm of trim, recessed portion 112h112mm).
The linear scale allows for accurate measurements over the entire range of reading ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M, including for small values ​​of the measured signal.
Application of the magnetoelectric type damper maintains the characteristics of devices for the duration of the service, while the liquid type damper analogs lose their properties after 5-6 years of operation.
Technical characteristics of the devices ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M
Way to incorporate
The limits of measurement devices ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M
5A, 10A, 20A, 30A, 50A, 75A, 100A
Direct connection
50 \ 5A, 75 \ 5A, 100 \ 5A, 150 \ 5A, 200 \ 5A, 250 \ 5A, 300 \ 5A, 400 \ 5A, 500 \ 5A, 600 \ 5A, 750 \ 5A, 800 \ 5A
Through the external current transformer \ 5A (or \ 1 or \ 5 v3)
1kA \ 5, 1.2 kA, \ 5, 1.5 kA \ 5 2kA \ 5 3kA \ 5 4kA \ 5 5kA \ 5 6kA \ 5 8kA \ 5 10kA \ 5 12kA \ 5 14kA \ 5 16kA \ 5 18kA \ 5 20kA \ 5 25kA \ 5 28kA \ 5 35kA \ 5 40kA \ 5A
Class of accuracy
1.5 or 1.0
Frequency range of measured signals
45Hz-55Hz (optional up to 10kHz)
The operating conditions of devices ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M:
environment temperature
from -30 º C to +50 ° C
relative humidity
90% at 30 ° C
Weight devices ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M
0.5 kg
Overall dimensions
Ammeters direct connection to the outside measurement up to 100A are made so that the wire in which the measured current is passed through the hole of the toroidal current transformer mounted on the rear panel.
In the circuit of the measured current is not terminal, clamps, which can make a measurement error due to poor contact associated with the weakening of the screw connections during the life of the instrument, with scorching or oxidation of these compounds and an increase in their transition resistance.
In agreement with the client devices can be manufactured ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M with others outside of the measurement, overload ammeter with an overload of 2, 5, 10, devices with a frequency range up to 10kHz for ammeters with CT \ 1A.
When ordering, please indicate the type of device ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M, the limit of measurement, accuracy class, the required scale, the transformation ratio of current transformer is used.
An example entry in order and in the technical documentation for the device other products ammeter EA2258M, kiloampermetr EA2258M with the scale for use with 400A current transformer with a rated primary current 400 A and rated secondary current 5A accuracy class 1.5:
- "Ammeter EA2258M, 400A, 400 / 5, cl.1.5 TU 4223-038-71064713-2007. "

Photos: EA2258M

EA2258M ammeter image.
EA2258M ammeter image.
EA2258M front view (scale).
EA2258M front view (scale).
EA2258M side view (casing depth).
EA2258M side view (casing depth).
EA2258M rear view (connection).
EA2258M rear view (connection).
EA2258M overhead view.
EA2258M overhead view.