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Ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 (EA 2258 M 10, EA-2258-M-10, EA2258 M-10, EA2258-M-10, EA 2258M-10, EA-2258M-10)
Ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 designed to measure current in AC circuits.
Dimensions - 120h120h100mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Technical characteristics of the instrument ammeters EA2258M-10, kiloampermetry EA2258M-10:
The devices can be used in industrial enterprises and enterprises of electric power (CHP, hydro, power plant, nuclear power plants), the intersystem electric networks, as well as the enterprises of electrotechnical industry for a complete set of power equipment (switchboards, control panels, control panels, etc.).
Ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 The dimensions can be used to replace devices E365, E377, EA0702, (size of frames 120h120mm, recessed portion 112h112mm).
The instrument has two scales and two measuring range:
- Basic range, for example, 50 \ 5A is0 A-5A (scale 0A-50A);
- An additional range of 20% of the core (0A-1A, 0A-10A scale).
Both scale devices ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 are linear.
The second measuring range with additional scale is used to increase sensitivity and accuracy at low currents (from 0A to 1A) with an accuracy of 1.5%.
The transition from the basic range of devices ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 an additional by pressing a button located on the front panel.
Thus there is a Seamless switching, ie when you release the button or input circuit of the device (built-in current transformer winding) is not broken.
This device allows you to connect ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 to the secondary windings of standard current transformers without fear prevent proper operation.
The main scale 0A-5A may have (on demand) overload of the - non-linear zone at the end of the scale, which allows a rough measurement of the currents in overload mode from 5A to 25A.
Overload factor devices ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 may be 2 or 5 (depending on order).
Devices for direct switching currents up to 100A also has an additional scale, equal to 20% of the principal.
The possibility of manufacturing such devices with reloading scale is determined by agreement with the customer.
The design of the instrument ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 eliminates significant deficiencies common devices such as E365, EA0702, etc.
In these devices the initial part of the scale (approximately 25% of the length of the working end of the scale) is a zone of insensitivity of the instrument, which is impossible to measure currents less than 1A.
The instrument EA 2258M-10 scale is linear, so you can measure virtually from 0A to 5A.
In addition, the instrument ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 consumes very little power from the input circuit, ie, does not load external current transformer.Measurement range of the instrument is 0.04 A-5A-25A, while the standard unit of measurement is the range E365 1A-5A-25A.
Devices manufactured in the frequency range of the measured signal 45Hz-55Hz, but on request can be made at frequencies up to 10kHz.
Thus, the device ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 can measure currents in a much broader range, allows to increase accuracy in the range of low currents, can be used with standard current transformers.
Technical specifications
The limits of measurement
50A \ 5A, 75A \ 5A, 100A \ 5A, 150A \ 5A, 200A \ 5A, 300A \ 5A
(Other limits on the customer's request)
Class of accuracy
Way to incorporate
Through the external current transformer with secondary current 5A
Overload factor
2 or 5 - optional user
Frequency range of measured signals
45 - 55Hz
Operating conditions of use:
environment temperature
from -30 º C to +50 ° C
relative humidity
90% at 30 ° C
0.5 kg
Overall dimensions
When ordering device ammeter EA2258M-10, kiloampermetr EA2258M-10 must specify the limit of measurement, accuracy class, the required overload factor, as well as the frequency range of the measured signal (if different from the standard 45Hz-55Hz).