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The device is produced in 2018.

All measurement ranges and settings are available.

It is possible to customize any special scales.


Ammeter EA1606, EA1606 kiloampermetr (EA 1606, EA-1606, ea1606, EA1606, ea 1606, ea-1606)

Ammeter EA1606, EA1606 kiloampermetr designed to measure AC networks ship power plants.
Accuracy class - 2.5;
Vibration-resistant, shock-resistant, leakproof.
Technical characteristics of the devices ammeters EA1606:
- Ambient temperature from -40 º C to +60 º C;
- Relative humidity up to 100% at 35 º C;
- Ranges and how your instrument EA1606 are given in Table 1;
Table 1: Ranges and means connect an ammeter and kiloampermetr.
Measurement range
Nominal frequency
The connection method
0A-5A; 0A-10A, 0A-20A
0A-5A; 0A-10A, 0A-20A, 0A-30A, 0A-50A, 0A-75A, 0A-100A, 150A-0A, 0A-200A, 300A-0A, 0A-400A, 600A-0A, 0A- 750A, 800A-0A
0kA-1kA; 0kA-1 5kA; 0kA-2ka; 0kA-3kA; 0kA-4ka; 0kA-5kA; 0kA-6kA
Through current transformer primary current equal to the final value of the measuring range, and the secondary current 5A

- Maximum permissible error of the instrument EA1606 is ± 1,5% of full scale range;
- Measuring range from 15% to 100% range of indications;
- The limit of additional error caused by:
- Changes in the ambient temperature of the normal 20 º C ± 5 º C to any temperature from -40 º C to +60 º C for every 10 º C of temperature change is equal to 50% of accuracy class designation;
- The influence of external magnetic field, a DC voltage of 0.4 kA / m is ± 1%;
- Changes in the operating position (tilt) of the instrument EA1606 from normal in any direction up to 45 º, is ± 1%;
- Installation of the instrument panel on a ferromagnetic thickness of 2 mm ± 0,5 mm, or the influence of adjacent unit must be equal to ± 0,5%;
- Basic and additional error EA1606 device intended for connection to external current transformers, normalized without error CT;
- Proper use of ammeters, designed to connect through current transformers, the current value of the corresponding final value of the measuring range and the normal rate does not exceed 5 VA;
- Dielectric strength at an ambient temperature of 20 º C ± 5 º C and a relative humidity of 80% - 2kV;
- Insulation resistance of electrical circuits against the housing at an ambient temperature of 20 º C ± 5 º C and 80% relative humidity of at least 50 MW;
- Response time showing the device is less than 3 seconds;
- The length of the instrument scale EA1606 180mm ± 8 mm;
- The angle of the scale - 230 º ± 10 º;
- Dimensions - 145h231h95mm;
- Weight of the device - no more than 2,7 kg.

Photos EA1606

EA1606 front view (scale).
EA1606 front view (scale).
EA1606 side view (casing depth).
EA1606 side view (casing depth).
EA1606 rear view (connection).
EA1606 rear view (connection).