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    Ammeter EA0700 (EA 0700, EA-0700, EA0700, EA 0700, EA-0700; ea0700; ea 0700, EA-0700)

    Ammeter EA0700 - an instrument designed to measure the current in AC circuits.
    Accuracy class - 1.5, 2.5.
    Range: from 1 to 1500A.
    The normal frequency range: 50Hz, 180Hz - 550Hz, 60Hz, 800Hz, 1000Hz.
    Ammeters EA0700 is available in two forms:
    - Electromagnetic system;
    - Magneto system with rectifier.
    Ammeter EA0700 electromagnetic system allows you to measure AC current and voltage directly to the electrical circuits. Devices based on the interaction of the magnetic field of the measured current (flowing through the coil), with one or more cores made ​​of magnetic material. By design, they have two types of measurement mechanisms:
    - A flat coil and a movable core of magnetic material is drawn into the gap of the planar coil when current is passed;
    - A circular coil with two cores inside coil fixed and movable (one or two) that, when the measured current passing through the coil of like magnetized and repel each other, thereby the arrow, which is mounted on a moveable axis deviates.
    Ammeters EA0700 magnetoelectric with a rectifier are vnutriramochnym meter with a magnet, drawing on cores or banners and rectifier in the measuring circuit. Used for measuring sinusoidal ac voltage with a frequency of 30 to 20,000 Hz. The combination of the magnetoelectric with rectifier mechanism allows you to measure the current value of the sinusoidal voltage or current for use in circuits with an undistorted form of a sinusoidal current.

    Structural features EA0700

    Measuring arrangements ammeters are relying on the cores of steel and glides. Damping device is achieved by introducing a silicone lubricant in the lower thrust bearing - in the devices with a circular coil, and the coil spring through which the axis - in the devices with the flat coil.
    By design, EA0700 ammeters AC measurement are divided into two groups:
    - With square front panels and round case;
    - With square front panels and square housing.
    Dimensions and installation dimensions ammeter EA0700 are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1.
EA0700 ammeter dimensions and installation dimensions
EA0700 ammeter dimensions and installation dimensions

A - 80mm B - 71mm C - 14mm; D 73,7 mm; D1 - 77,5 mm; d - 3,4 mm; E - 68mm.
    Specifications EA0700

    Tions for measuring ammeters are connected via a current transformer with a secondary current of 5A. Table 1. are models of transformers, which are connected through the devices on different measurement ranges.

    Table 1.
Measurement range, A Marking transformer
0 - 5 B3301
0 - 400 B3302
0 - 600 B3303
0 - 800 B3304
0 - 1000 B3305
0 - 75 B3313
0 - 100 B3314
0 - 150 B3315
0 - 200 B3316
0 - 300 B3317
0 - 1500 B3318
Optimal for EA0700 ambient temperature range from -30 º C to +50 º C. Humidity should not exceed 95% at +35 º C.
    Ammeters EA0700 able to withstand:
    - Hitting 70m / s 2 (at a frequency of 10-50ud/min);
    - Vibration from 5 to 50 m / s 2 (at a frequency of 10-47Hz).

Photos: EA0700

EA0700 front view (scale).
EA0700 front view (scale).
EA0700 side view (casing depth).
EA0700 side view (casing depth).
EA0700 rear view (connection).
EA0700 rear view (connection).