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EA0300 ammeter, voltmeter EA0300 (EA 0300, EA-0300)
Ammeter EA0300, EA0300 voltmeter designed to measure current and voltage in AC circuits sine wave frequencies from 45Hz to 65Hz.
Dimensions - 72h72h62mm, 144h144h62mm, 96h96h62mm.
Technical characteristics of the instrument EA0300 ammeters, voltmeters, EA0300:
Stationary analog devices showing direct attachment to the movable part in the cores.
According to the principle of action - instruments EA0300 ammeter, voltmeter EA0300 electromagnetic system with a liquid damper.
Since the beginning of the measurement range 20% of final value.
Dimensions instruments EA0300 ammeter, voltmeter EA0300:
- 72h72h62mm - EA0300 for ammeters and voltmeters 3 EV0300-3;
- 144h144h62mm - EA0300 for ammeters and voltmeters-1 EV0300-1;
- 96h96h62mm - EA0300 for ammeters and voltmeters-2 EV0300-2.

Photos: EA0300

EA0300 device image.
EA0300 device image.