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Exemplary waveguide load E9-84/1

Also, this device can be called: E9-841, E9-84-1, E984/1, E9841, E984 1, E9 84/1, E9 841, E9 84 1.


E9-84/1 exemplary waveguide load are:

- to set up, calibration and testing of automatic gauges VSWR;

- for verification of measuring lines and other gauges VSWR;

- to measure the directivity of directional couplers, waveguide to control pass-through devices of various types.


E9-84/1 included exemplary waveguide loads and consist of a piece of precision waveguide within which the mechanism moves through an absorber with a reflector.


Specifications E9-84/1:


Frequency range - from 11,50 GHz to 16,70 GHz.

Cross section of rectangular waveguides - 17×8 mm.


Main technical specifications:


Nominal value





from medium

VSWR values

Error checking

loads based on the reflection of flange connections

2 2 2 1%
1,4 1,5% 1,5% 1%
1,14 1,25% 1,25% 0,5%
1,05 1% 1% 0,5%


VSWR absorbing wedges - no more than 1,015.

Uptime - not less than 30000 cycles.

Constancy reflection coefficient module load is within the error checking.

Settings are retained after loads of climatic and mechanical tests.


The principle of operation is based on a partial load absorption and reflection of the incident power the rest of the power that leads to the creation of the standing wave in the waveguide, minima and maxima are determined by the nominal value of load VSWR.


The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance E9-84/1 load all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation of installed documentation manuals.