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Sets exemplary waveguide loads E9-82

Also, this device can be called: E982, E9 82.

E9-82 sets exemplary waveguide loads are designed for broadband matching output waveguide devices.


- To set up, calibration and testing of automatic gauges VSWR;

- For verification of measuring lines and other gauges VSWR;

- To measure the directivity of directional couplers, waveguide to control passthrough devices of various types.

The kit consists of exemplary waveguide load: E9-82/1, E9-82/2, E9-82/3, E9-82/4, E9-82/5.

Specifications E9-82:

Frequency range - from 6,85 GHz to 9,98 GHz.

Cross section of rectangular waveguides - 28,5×12,6 mm.

Main technical characteristics:


Rated value





from medium

VSWR values

Error checking

loads based on the reflection of flange connections

2 2% 2% 1%
1,4 1,5% 1,5% 1%
1,14 1,25% 1,25% 0,5%
1,05 1% 1% 0,5%


VSWR absorbing wedges - no more than 1,015.

Uptime - not less than 30000 cycles.

Constancy reflection coefficient module load is within the error checking.

Settings are retained after loads of climatic and mechanical tests.

The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance sets loads E9-82 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos E9-82

E9-82 device image.
E9-82 device image.
E9-82 supplied.
E9-82 supplied.
E9-82 front view.
E9-82 front view.