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Transducer measuring the AC voltage E855/3-M1 (e855/3m1, e-855/3-m1, e 855/3 m1, e-855/3m1, e 855/3m1, e855/3 m1)
Measuring transducers AC voltage E855/3-M1 designed for a linear transformation of alternating current or AC voltage into a unified dc signal
Measuring range of input signals are converted:
voltage is 0V-125V, 0V-250V, 0V-400V, 0V-500V
Measuring range of output signals:
4mA to 20mA current
The range of load change 0-0 ohms, 5 ohms
Maximum permissible reduced basic error of ± 0,5%
Applied n reobrazovatel E855/3-M1 measuring the AC voltage   to control current and voltage electrical systems and installations for complex automation of electric power facilities, power-control system of objects of different industries.Information is the mean value of the output signal.
Main technical data converters are shown in Table
Type, the constructive response to
The frequency of the AC circuit being measured:
- measurement range
Measuring range of output signals, mA
The range of load changes, ohms
Current, A
Voltage, V
Current, A
0V-125V, 0V-250V, 0V-400V, 0V-500V
4mA to 20mA
0-0 ohms, 5 ohms
·         Maximum permissible reduced basic error of ± 0,5% of the normalizing values ​​of output for all transducers.
·         The output signal is directly proportional to the RMS (current) value of the input signal.
·         Signal settling time less than with 0.5.
·         Power supply voltage of 220V (240V), 50Hz (60Hz).
·         The power consumed by the circuit E855/3-M1 input signal does not exceed 0,5 V · A, from the food chain 4B · A.
Operating Conditions:
Ambient temperature, ° C - 30 ° C to 60 ° C
relative humidity,% from 80% to 95% at 35 ° C
Overall dimensions 125h110h100mm.
Weight, kg 0.7 kg.

Photos: E855/3-M1

E855/3-M1 transducer image.
E855/3-M1 transducer image.
E855/3-M1 front view.
E855/3-M1 front view.
E855/3-M1 side view.
E855/3-M1 side view.
E855/3-M1 rear view.
E855/3-M1 rear view.
E855/3-M1 overhead view.
E855/3-M1 overhead view.