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Ammeter overload E8026 (E-8026, E 8026)
Ammeter overload E8026 is designed to measure current in AC circuits for mobile and stationary power plants.
Dimensions - 80h80h70mm.
Accuracy class - 4.0.
Vibration, resistant to shaking, impact resistant.
Technical characteristics of the instrument ammeters E8026 reloading:
Instruments designed to measure the load current on the mobile and stationary power plants.
Not operate the instrument ammeter E8026 handling at ambient temperatures from -60 º C to +65 º C and relative humidity 95% ± 3% (at 60 ° C).
In terms of resistance to mechanical stress device relates to vibration and tryaskoprochnym.
Accuracy class of devices handling ammeter E8026 - 4.0.
The final values ​​range (rated current):
- 1A, 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 50A - with the direct inclusion;
- 75A/5A, 100A/5A, 150A/5A, 200A/5A, 300A/5A - when you turn on the measuring current transformer.
The ratio of the final value of the overload of the instrument scale ammeter E8026 handling to the nominal current (number transfer) is 5.
The nominal frequency range 45Hz-180Hz 65Hz and-550Gts.
Accuracy class of devices handling ammeter E8026 - 4.0.
The basic error of less than ± 4,0% of full scale range.
In the reloading of the instrument scale ammeter E8026 error handling (in percentage) is given by:
γ = 4 ∙ (L / I n)
where L - length scale mm; I n - length of the overload of the scale, mm.
Settling time of the ammeter E8026 mobile handling - 3c.
The change of reading due to ambient temperature deviation from the normal for every 10 K does not exceed ± 2% under the influence of an external magnetic field of 400 A / m - not to exceed ± 5%.
The power consumed by the device ammeter E8026 handling - 2.5 ∙ A.
Dimensions - 80x80x70mm.
Weight of the device handling ammeter E8026 - 0.3 kg.
Mean time between failures - at least 24 000 hours.
Term reliability handling ammeter E8026 - 6 years.

Photos E8026

E8026 front view (scale).
E8026 front view (scale).
E8026 side view (casing depth).
E8026 side view (casing depth).
E8026 rear view (connection).
E8026 rear view (connection).