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E8-23 valve

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    Waveguide valve E8-23 (E 8-23, 8-E 23; e8-23; e 8-23; e-8-23)

    Waveguide valve E8-23 - A device for use in a unidirectional path of the waveguide junction elements as well as to improve the quality of matching the measuring apparatus.

    Frequency range: 8.24 - 12.05 GHz.
    - In the opposite direction: at least 20 dB;
    - Literally - no more than 1.6 dB.
    Voltage standing wave ratio: less than 1.3.
    The maximum allowable power dissipation valve: 3W.
    E8-23 The device is made ​​by asymmetric H-shaped waveguide section 23×10mm with impedance 50Om. The instrument used ferrite 40SCH mark (9×2) in the form of plates. The dielectric insert is made ​​of a material Dpe-2 permittivity ε=20 . Magnet (alloy AIKO - 4) in the magnetization to saturation field is in the center of the gap of at least 8.8 A / m

    Specifications E8-23
    The average frequency range and bandwidth determine the operating frequency range of the valve, that is, the frequency range in which the main parameters are within the specified technical requirements to the valve.
    Ensuring the symmetry of the frequency response E8-23, determines the stability of the parameters specified limits under the influence of climatic factors. The frequency response of valves with a bandwidth of more than 7-10% usually has an oscillating character.
    Attenuation as it passes through the ferrite valve called forward insertion loss in forward direction L ave
    Direct loss of E8-23 show the extent of the weakening power output valve compared to the power input to the forward direction of signal transmission. Loss is defined in decibels and calculated by the formula
E8-23 waveguide valve formula for direct losses ,

    where P input - input power;
    P - output power.
    Insertion loss E8-23 in the forward direction for the most part (except for the reflection loss, which for devices configured ferrite negligible) are dissipative losses of the electromagnetic wave. The reason for the damping E8-23 is the power absorption in the ferrite specimen dielectric items and transmission line loss. 

Photos: E8-23

E8-23 valve image.
E8-23 valve image.
E8-23 delivery set.
E8-23 delivery set.
E8-23 accessories and spare parts.
E8-23 accessories and spare parts.
E8-23 front view.
E8-23 front view.