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     Milliohmmeter E6-18

    Also, this device can be called: E6 18, E618, E 618, E-618.
    E6-18 milliohmmeter intended for measurement of small values ​​of active electrical resistance when checking the quality of the metallization of components and assemblies of various designs, as measured contact resistances of various switching devices.
    Principle of operation milliohmmeter E6-18 is based on measuring the voltage drop on the measured resistance for a given value of the current flowing through the resistance.
    Technical characteristics of the devices milliohmmeter E6-18:

    Resistance range - 0.0001 ohms to 100 ohms.
    Basic error E6-18, expressed as a percentage of the upper limit set by the range - less than ± 1,5%.
    Variation milliohmmeter testimony - not more than 0.5%.
    Output DC voltage at the position of the pointer device on the end of the scale - 1000 ± 15 mV.
    Output Impedance - 10 ohms ± 1.
    Response time - no more than 4 seconds.
    Warm-up time - 5 min.
    Continuous operation time - 8 hours
    MTBF - 15,000 hours
    Power at rated voltage - 3 · A.
    Dimensions milliohmmeter - 248x209x213mm.
    Weight - 5.5 kg.
    Operating conditions:

    The ambient air temperature - from -10 ° C to +40 ° C.
    Relative humidity at +25 ° C - 98%.
    Pressure - 60 kPa to 104 kPa (450 mm Hg. Art. 780 mm Hg. Tbsp.)
    The manufacturer provides a guarantee the compliance of milliohmmeter E6-18 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: E6-18

E6-18 device image.
E6-18 device image.
E6-18 front view.
E6-18 front view.
E6-18 side view.
E6-18 side view.
E6-18 rear view.
E6-18 rear view.
E6-18 overhead view.
E6-18 overhead view.
E6-18 bottom view.
E6-18 bottom view.